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CMA Sofia-Bucharest-ThessalonikiCMA Sofia-Bucharest-Thessaloniki

Cultural Management Academy 2018

The Cultural Management Academy is a post-graduate program for cultural management aiming at capacity building and stimulating exchange and collaboration in the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe.
Each year in each of the four cities a group of 15 to 20 participants take part in an intensive course with local and international speakers and trainers. After that all participants meet in a network meeting in Sofia. Furthermore, through the CMA Project Fund the CMA offers opportunities for funding of collaborative projects by the participants.

CMA 2018

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Open call Sofia

The Cultural Management Academy started in Sofia in 2014. It is organised by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Sofia Development Association and the City of Sofia. The program is certfied by the New Bulgarian University, Sofia. 

Open Call Bucharest

Bucharest got involved in the Cultural Management Academy in 2017. It is organised by Goethe-Institut Romania and curated by Miki Braniste (Colectiv A Association, Cluj Napoca). The CMA in 2018 is certfied by the University of Bucharest.

Open Call Thessaloniki

Application now open!
Application: 31st May
Dates of the course: 27th June - 1st July
In 2017 Thessaloniki became part of the Cultural Management Academy. It is organised by Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and curated by Argyro Barata (FEAST Thessaloniki). 

Open Call Sarajevo

Application closed
Application: - 9.-25.04.
Dates of the course: 7.-12.05.
Sarajevo is the newest member of the Cultural Management Academy Network. The first edition of the CMA will take place in Sarajevo in 2018.

CMA Project Fund

Startup funding for new projects

Since 2017 the CMA has been providing startup funding for new collaborative projects and initiatives. Participants in the CMA are encouraged to network and develop new ideas with their colleagues - both from their cities and from the other participating cities. In the end of the CMA all participants take part in a network meeting and an "idea camp" in Sofia. They can build small teams, develop new project ideas and apply for funding of up to 5000 euro.  
Funded projects 2017-2018


International meet-up in Sofia

The program of the CMA culminates in an international meeting and a networking fair in Sofia, bringing together all participants from the participating cities as well as local and international guest-speakers. In 2018 the conference and CMA network meeting will take place in the period 28-29 September. 

Video wird geladen

Cultural managers

Coming soon

Soon we will publish a gallery with all participants in the CMA since 2015.

Speakers and trainers

Coming soon!

Soon we will  publish more information about this year's program and the speakers and trainers in Sofia, Bucharest, Thessaloniki and Sarajevo.
Check out our speakers and trainers 2015-2017

Annual publication

CMA publication 2017

The first annual publication of the CMA is dedicated to the topic "Paths to innovation in culture". It consists of papers and case studes collected after an open call for papers. The authors are both participants in the Academy and external cultural managers and specialist.


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