Participants 2019
CMA 2019

CMA Participants 2019 Photo: © Photo-Corps

54 cultural managers from Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adin Šabić Adin Šabić
I work as a spokesman in Foundation INFOHOUSE, and as an editor of two media — web sites that are existing within Foundation INFOHOUSE. I’m interested in media generally, technologies, culture, communication, art, and sport. I would like to learn something new in the field of art, technologies, and media too. I believe that all of that would be really useful later at work.
Adina Nastase Adina Nastase
International Relations and European Studies graduate and political science researcher, equally passionate about international relations, cultural diplomacy and the Latin American space, currently working within the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aida Šarac Aida Šarac
My profession is Art historian with a specialization in museum pedagogy (working with people with different cognitive abilities). In a state museum of art in BiH I am employed as a Museum educator and a head librarian (for the last 6 years). My specialization in museum pedagogy is manifested trough creating a special methodology of museum education for the children from autistic spectrum called "Blue artism". My participation at CMA has an ambition of creating an app that would use specialized interpretational visual/animational sources for the visitors with different cognitive abilities that would make my institution more inclusive and our collection more available to wider social (sensitive) groups.
Aikaterini Tsiouri Aikaterini Tsiouri
My name is Katerina Tsiouri, I am 25 years old and I am from Skopelos. I studied Journalism and Mass Communication. During my internship as a Public Relations intern at the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki, I developed great interest in the fields of communication and cultural management. Inspired by this experience, I wrote my thesis “Creative city and mass communication of museums”, which was an introduction to creative city's theory based on bibliography and qualitative research on how museums communicate with public. Meanwhile, my interest in arts led me to enter into volunteering. I was a Press Office volunteer at several festivals organized by Thessaloniki International Film Festival and a communication volunteer at Action Field Kodra. Furthermore, I was a member of a university group that participated in Yperia Conference 2016 in Amorgos, an event for culture and tourism. I am currently an employee at a Monitoring Services company and my work includes press, internet and radio-television monitoring for a wide variety of customers. I mostly deal with art newspapers, magazines and news with cultural content in general. I am also a columnist at a cultural website.
Alexander Manuiloff Alexander Manuiloff
I represent the first residency place for theatre makers and writers in Sofia, which is also the local safe haven of the Nordic Artist at Risk network. I am myself a theatre maker and a playwright and I am passionate about how contemporary dramaturgy and theatre can be used to help incite social changes in a corrupt and corruptive local context.
Alexandra Murăruş Alexandra Murăruş
I am a freelance actress and cultural manager. In 2008 I earned my BA in Acting from the Bucharest National University for Theater and Film. In 2014 I got an MA in Conference Interpreting (German/ English) from the University of Bucharest. Since 2006 I have been working as a theater, film and television actress. Although I love being on stage and performing, I discovered in time that being part of an organization team that brings performing arts to different contemporary audiences is also something I find very rewarding. It helps me work through my own acting in order to better address different issues that respond to different audiences today that vary culturally, linguistically, politically and morally. In 2016 I worked as an international companies coordinator at Undercloud – The International Independent Theater Festival and begun collaborating on similar projects with Sibiu International Theater Festival, where I had the chance to meet and work with theater companies from all over the world (Schaubühne Berlin, Odin Theater, OKT- Vilnius City Theater, Yamamoto Noh Theater etc) and some of the most important theater professionals in the field, including Thomas Ostermeier, Oskaras Koršunovas or Eugenio Barba. In 2018 I joined the Ideo Ideis team – The National Festival for Young Theater.
Almir Peštek Almir Peštek
I have been working at School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo since 1999, where I received bachelor, master and PhD degrees. I hold the position of a Professor at Department of Marketing. I was a Fulbright post-doctoral scholar and served at Loyola University Chicago - Quinlan School of Business in academic year 2014/15. I have more than 15 years of consultancy and research experience and have conducted more than 130 different research and consultancy projects. As a professor and business professional, my interests are related to digital marketing and tourism. My intention is to connect my knowledge of digital economy with current developments and trends in creative industries and tourism. I see this as a challenge – to expand my knowledge in a new field for me and to contribute with my expertise to common learning and synergy.
Anca Mihaela Hrab Anca Mihaela Hrab
I work in public and independent cultural sector in Romania of more than 10 years. As a project coordinator at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest I coordinate and implement different artistic and cultural projects, developed in Romania or abroad. Currently I am the coordinator of EUNIC (European Union National Cultural Institutes for Culture) Office within the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest. One important project I coordinate is the European Film Festival (, organized in collaboration with Representation of the European Commission in Romania, the embassies and cultural centers and institutes of the EU countries located in Romania; In 2013 I have been awarded Dragan Klaić Fellowship (Regional Student Scholarship) at the University of Arts in Belgrade, UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy where I obtained a MA in Cultural Policy and Management.
Andreea Lăcătuș Andreea Lăcătuș
I am a film director passionate about transmedia storytelling and community work. Besides my personal art projects (for the moment I am making a performative screen instalation and preparing two short films) I am leading a young NGO, with the main purpose of creating opportunities for both young artists and communities with a low level of access to culture, following the philosophy that ”an artist can develop through developing his/her own community”.
Anelia Raytcheva Anelia Raytcheva
I have been born on 18 May 1961 in Bulgaria. I have graduated from the French High School in Sofia in 1980, and from the French Philology Department at the University of Sofia. I have done different jobs. I am a person with broad interests and curiosity. Basically, I work as a Consular Officer and Cultural Cooperation Officer at the Embassy of Denmark in Sofia since 2002. I have contacts with a lot of people - colleagues, co-workers, and co-thinkers in my daily tasks and in the joint projects I work on. The cultural cooperation projects are a very good opportunity to exchange ideas on the development of human intelligence and sensitivity to the beauty of the world. I am a writer as well, I have written and published two books in Bulgarian language - in 2015 and 2018, stories about today's life and people, with all their picturesque environment. I try to be realistic, but funny and sometimes sarcastic as well and aim at making people laughing with my books.
Anna-Maria Bănică Anna-Maria Bănică
I am a beginner in the field of cultural management. One of my biggest passions is making the world a better place, and I believe the path that I have to follow to achieve that dream is through culture. I am passionate about all the facets of culture - music, literature, film, art - and I try to take part in everything as much as my time will allow it.
Annamária Péter Annamária Péter
Living in a multicultural region and belonging to one of the minorities living in this region I was always interested in human rights, minority rights, projects that promote different cultures and languages as well as intercultural dialog and that offer non-formal educational opportunities. I have been working on projects based on raising awareness, promoting multiculturalism, fundamental rights, minority rights, intercultural dialogue, common values, democracy and non-formal education. Lately involved in projects promoting the contribution of minorities to the cultural heritage of Romania through the perspective of media, Inter-Art exhibition and RARE-Roma as a Human Resource social project. On one hand CMA is a good opportunity to learn from lecturers with a vast experience as well as an opportunity to meet people working in the field of arts to spread and strengthen ones network and widen perspectives
Ano Theodoroglou Ano Theodoroglou
I am Ano Theodoroglou, I am a visual artist and a museologist. I work as an art teacher, and I am passionate about art, public spaces and the ways people communicate their cultures.
Antonia Tzanavara Antonia Tzanavara
My name is Tonia Tzanavara and I am Archaeologist, Art Historian, Museologist. I work as Director / Head Curator at the Municipal Art Gallery of Korinthos. I am also Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs at the Municipal Cultural Centre. I hold master degrees in Cultural Organizations Management and Cultural Entrepreneurship Development and a Phd in Museology (Museum and Disabled people. Accessibility – Education – Social Integration). I am Adjunct Lecturer at the postgraduate program Cultural Organizations Management (Hellenic Open University), teaching the module “Aspects of Cultural Phenomena” and over the years I have been teaching the courses of: History of Art – Museology - Local History - Cultural Tourism - Folklore and Traditional History - Theory of Arts as Art Instructor at the Institution of Lifelong Learning- Ministry of Education. Among my professional duties are the organization and facilitation of cultural and educational events/ seminars/ workshops / exhibitions, the promotion, support and development of strategies and policies regarding cultural heritage management in both the local community and the wider area of Korinthia Prefecture and the liaison with local, national and international cultural organizations in order to facilitate cultural exchanges and to raise awareness of the local community in cultural issues.
Asya Popova Asya Popova
My name is Asya Popova, I am a 23 years old social entrepreneur in the creative industry from Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2018 I acquired my Bachelors in Art Direction & Graphic Design from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano and returned to Sofia in order to work on a project I started a year and a half ago called Urbanites Sofia. I am concerned with the present day conditions under which we create and act and how the digital era is changing not only our visual scope and means of creating but also the way we consume, appreciate, communicate and position art. Rather than criticize, I’d like to find a healthy solution - to use digital communication in a smart and constructive way as a compliment to the analog.
Athanasios Gkourompinos Athanasios Gkourompinos
My name is Thanos Gkourompinos. I'm 37 years old and I'm from Larissa, Greece. From my early years, I grew up having a lot of interaction with culture events. Furthermore, I studied iconography at 16, participated in many collective exhibitions and in 2011, I organized my first personal exhibition. Also, during 2007 to 2011, I worked as Civil Instrastructure Engineer in the biggest construction project in Balkans (tunnels, highways, bridges, etc). In 2012, I established the "", the first innovated electronic culture guide in Thessaly, Greece area. I organized many cultures events and I participated in "Samsung Launching People" innovation contest (2nd position) with the "ArtProject". Now, I'm working as General Manager in a shop, as Freelance Iconographer - Web Designer and I'm planning to make an organization, "", in order to contribute in making the New and Classic Hellenic Culture known everywhere in the world.
Christiana Tautu Christiana Tautu
Interdisciplinary cultural manager with a focus on strengthening the sector through collaboration and knowledge exchange. Founding member of Vagenta, a post-feminist collective questioning the status of the Romanian contemporary woman and Calup, an urban regeneration project. Also co-curates ODD NIGHTS, a series of experimental music auditions. Interested to discover new initiatives and people, as well as understanding how the cultural academy works.
Christina Claudia Popescu Christina Claudia Popescu
I am curator of the Exhibition and Documentary Centre of the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu in Bucharest and PhD student in Arts at the National Arts University Bucharest, Romania. Since 2016 I have contributed to the visibility of the museum / center through the projects carried out in collaboration with the National Heritage Institute: the creation of the site of the Museum of the University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" Bucharest and the digitization of approx. 500 slides from the museum collections.
Christos Dimou Christos Dimou
I am the co-founder and Lead Software Engineer for PerformAnts, a dynamic startup in the area of live music events and performances and a JUMP fellow for 2019. I have obtained a Bsc and an MSc in Computer Science, as well as a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As a software engineer, I have worked for more than 15 years in a wide spectrum of fields and technologies, including web technologies, data mining and machine learning, both in the academia and the industry. The last 2 years, with the close collaboration of the other co-founders of PerformAnts, I have been dedicating my full-time efforts in building and disseminating the online web platform of PerformAnts, with the aim of helping small and medium-sized venues and musicians to find each other online and organize live music events in a fast and economic way. My interests lie in the intersection of two large fields: a) cutting edge software technologies and b) the organization and facilitation of online communities for cultural domains, especially music, through software tools and platforms. My professional goal is to apply the latest and most effective digital technologies to the needs of the creative industries.
Claudiu Maier Claudiu Maier
I graduated Faculty of Cybernetics and for almost 5 years I worked in technology and programming field, then I realized that I should go with my dream and start thinking and implementing cultural projects and put together ideas that come and resolve some needs from the society. For the last and a half year I analyzed the daily cultural events from Bucharest, in order to implement an online platform that will gather all cultural events in only one place. This action resulted in daily lists of recommendations, and gathered over 300000 events. In this moment I started a project regarding reconstruction of a demolished museum in Virtual Reality and planning a project regarding art, sculpture, street art and Augmented Reality.
Dan Angelescu Dan Angelescu
I work as project manager for Pustnik Screenwriters Residency (Port Cetate, Romania) and curator for Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF (where I have previously been festival manager between 2016 and 2018), while also developing my own projects within Infinite Conversation, a newly-established curatorial unit. I hold a Master’s degree in Comparative Arts and Media Studies from Vrije University Amsterdam, with a study on the self-representation of film festivals across different media. I have collaborated with a mix of initiatives – independent project spaces (Kunstverein Amsterdam, Centre for Visual Introspection), film festivals (One World Romania, Transilvania International Film Festival), events (White Night of the Art Galleries Romania, Sâmbăta Sonoră, Outernational Days), cultural centres (the Czech Centre in Bucharest) – always interested in working with and around the moving image, at the intersection between cinema and the visual arts. I was a member of the International Short Film Competition juries at the 29th edition of Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media, in 2016, and at the 4th edition of Riga International Film Festival, in 2017. With Infinite Conversation (co-founded with Irina Radu and Cristina Vasilescu), I am currently researching for Quote—Unquote, a platform, event series and combined arts programme about the mechanisms, uses and effects of speech in contemporary society, to be launched in 2020 in Bucharest. In terms of artistic interests/what I am passionate about, I can also mention: works related to digital culture, queer identity, sound art and how they resurface in public discourse, particularly through (the aforementioned) medium of moving image/film/video.
Dana Berdila Dana Berdila
For the past 8 years I have been a cultural projects and programmes coordinator within the Romanian Cultural Institute. Among others, I have drafted, managed and implemented a series of scholarships and residencies for Romanian artists abroad (supervising Romania’s permanent residencies at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris), foreign translators, foreign and Romanian scholars working in the field of Social Sciences/Humanities both in Romania and abroad, I have initiated musical education open lessons, focused on jazz and blues, following the Leonard Bernstein model, “The RCI’s Jazz and Blues Club”, as well as book translation and promotion programmes within the National Book Centre. Currently, I coordinate various artistic, cultural and cultural heritage projects, within the National Partnerships Office at the Romanian Cultural Institute, working with private as well as public institutions, cultural institutes, etc. I have always been passionate about arts, political science, history and culture, constantly striving to acquire expertise and knowledge in these fields of study and work.
Daniela Gancheva Daniela Gancheva
I am Daniela Gancheva, an actress, a teacher, voice over-artist. Observing and exploring different perspectives of performing arts. Trying to always look for new ideas and join innovative projects, devoted and interested in enriching practical experience and deepening theoretical knowledge in matter of Cultural Management.
Denin Šehović Denin Šehović
I work as a graphic designer at Foundation Infohouse, and I have experience in design and photography work fields. In future, I would like to get more knowledge in terms of design.
Donika Çina Donika Çina
My name is Donika Çina. I'm a visual artist who also works in the cultural field. Recently I have been working in Zeta Contemporary Art Center as a project manager and project coordinator. My main priority has always been my being as an artist but due to the peculiar situation of the art market and institutional support in Albania, the role of the manager and the cultural worker has been taken from the artist in order to build the art scene and gather the art community.
Elena Pistolaki Elena Pistolaki
My name is Pistolaki Elena and I have graduated from the department of Journalism and Mass Media Communication of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I was working until recently at SYMVOLI | Conference and Cultural Management company, taking on the management of conferences and cultural projects. Through my working experience I discovered my interest in the cultural sector, participating both as a volunteer and as an employee in several projects taking place in Thessaloniki and the surrounding area.
Emir Handžo Emir Handžo
I studied educational studies with a focus on media pedagogy at the Universities of Innsbruck (Austria), Zagreb (Croatia) and Jerusalem (Israel). The main pillars of my work are in the field of drama pedagogy, music and video art. Ever since I am on the inspiring path of discovering and developing digital art work where I am especially interested in the combination of digital social competences. My focus is on bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures. Associating cultural, religious, political and musical differences.
Filia Milidaki Filia Milidaki
My name is Filia Milidaki. I am psychologist, senior market researcher,dancer, founder of Social Cooperative Enterprise “Cinesthesia”. My curatorial experience started in 2014 with Eye’s Walk Digital festival, at the island of Syros in the middle of the Aegean sea.Eye’s Walk Digital festival is an innovative festival that connects the unique architectural legacy of a city, the public space and the local community through Video installation,digital technologies and performing arts. Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do, and the arena for our bold productions is the greater outdoors space.From the amazing Castle of Mytilene, an old whorehouse, a restored Ottoman hammam, a boats’ cemetery at the port of Eleusis, to a neoclassical mansion in Ermoupolis, the terrace of Saint Trinity Church at the medieval settlement of Ano Syros or the ambitious canvas of an entire city, our vision and ambition is to bring people and art together in the public space. The local community, visitors and tourists are the soul of the public space and the co-creators of our works! We are based in Ermoupolis, but our vision is to expand our bold and innovative productions both nationally and internationally.
Flaviu Rogojan Flaviu Rogojan
I am a cultural manager, curator, and artist from Cluj-Napoca. I founded an NGO called Young Actions and Abstractions that aims to support young contemporary artists, curators and the young art public. Our main project started in 2015, a series of pop-up exhibitions, called Aici Acolo Pop Up Gallery, through which we transform abandoned or unused spaces in our city into temporary art spaces that provide opportunities for young artists, both Romanian and foreign. Lately our focus shifted towards young artists working in new media and digital culture.
Florin Buhuceanu Florin Buhuceanu
I am leading various human rights organisations that are also involved in various projects of curatorial activism.
Gergana Daneva Gergana Daneva
I am a Science culture graduate, who loves humanitarian disciplines. I obtained my master degree in Public management towards the EU institutions, from the University of Management in Liege, Belgium (HEC). I have been working as a freelancer on projects linked with culture and sports. For a certain time I have been part of the EU Commission, where I was evaluating projects in the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Nowadays I am working in MOVE.BG Foundation, as a coworking and event manager, where I attract newcomers to our space, as well as take care of the internal community of the organization.
Hasanović Hamdija Hasanović Hamdija
graduated criminals.I work on organisation(events and cultural events). I`m a politician and I`m dealing with managment and marketing.
Irina Marinescu Irina Marinescu
My name is Irina Marinescu and I am both a performing artist and a cultural manager. From 2009 I have started an informal education in contemporary dance and performing arts. I have been coordinating cultural projects (interdisciplinary projects and contemporary dance performances) starting with 2016. Currently I am managing Developing Art Association, together with my colleagues and have started working on a dance performance that uses creative techologies (digital sound interaction). I am interested in creating a context that allows local artists to expand their perspectives and that facilitates not only a healthy working environment (legislative, economic, creative), but opportunities to grow and to develop for both the older and younger generations. I am interested in creating frameworks that facilitate strong relations between the professionals and the people to whom they address their art to.
Ivana Valcheva Ivana Valcheva
I am a 23 year old cultural manager and event organizer, I studied classical music and piano for most of my life in the UK, and came back to my hometown Sofia a few months ago. I graduated Bachelors in London and while studying there I got the idea to start an arts platform in Bulgaria and have been working on that for the past year. I also freelance as an event organizer for Cosmos Coworking Camp.
Leila Kurbegovic Leila Kurbegovic
I am editor in chief at Urban magazine and editor and producer on Television Sarajevo - Culture department. For more than 20th years I have been writing about culture and also about Smart City technology. Topic of my MA was the impact of digitization on the program content: case study Television Sarajevo. I love and live culture.
Maksim Stoimenov Maksim Stoimenov
I'm the Director of Communications for Fine Acts and I'm responsible for the media representation of the organization's work also I'm involved into the day-to-day operations of the FA, including organizational and technical work. Artist selection, briefings, etc.
Maria Zolota Maria Zolota
I am the Product Development Director of Maestro TDC, a tourism development and destination marketing company based in Athens, with expertise in Cultural and Heritage Tourism. I have studied Hellenic Culture (BA) and Monument Management (MSc), I have attended several seminars and courses on culture and cultural management, as I have a particular interest in cultural management and sustainable development. Since November 2018 I am the Vice-President of ESDIAPOK (Association of Cultural Heritage Consultants). The primary objective of the association is to contribute to the continued protection of cultural heritage as a fundamental human asset and to the sustainable management of this heritage for the benefit of the wider social community in the present and future. I have several years of experience in cultural and heritage tourism and I have created and administered multiple surveys to large groups of respondents in order to explore the tourists’ level of interest in culture, their motivation, their expectations etc. What I really find exciting is the idea of finding ways to combine the intangible cultural heritage - the culture of everyday life often deeply rooted in time, the culture of ordinary people - with innovation and sustainability in order implement today’s social challenges.
Maria-Louiza Karagiorgou Maria-Louiza Karagiorgou
My name is Maria-Louiza Karagiorgou, I am 28 years old and I come from Ioannina, a city in Northwestern Greece. Currently I live in Athens, as I am a postgraduate student at the Interdisciplinary Master in Heritage Conservation and Management co-offered by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of Patras and the University of the Aegean. My graduate studies were on Management and Conservation of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Objects at the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki, while I have also studied Conservation of Art and Antiquities at the Vocational Training Institute of Ioannina. I'm passionate about arts, especially digital drawing. I endeavor to make creative use of my free time in order to draw and constantly improve my capacities. I feel that it helps me to be more creative in other aspects of my life. Some of my most creative solutions to work matters, have come to me while I was exploring new digital drawing techniques.
Mariya Badeva Mariya Badeva
I am an Architecture Graduate from UCL, London, UK where I earned distinction in my thesis research and I obtained my Bachelor degree from The University of Manchester with Honours. I was also a scholarship recipient at Politecnico di Milano. In 2014 I was selected to represent the University of Manchester at the prestigious SINO-UK collaboration on Architectural design in Harbin, China. Currently I am a practicing architect in Bulgaria with interests in urbanism, city placemaking and architectural interventions in the city with cultural influence on a societal level. I am also academically interested in cultural and architectural theory and research as well as in architectural history. Previously, I have worked in the Netherlands on variety of large scale, urban design and architectural projects. I have also gained experience in London,Milan & Harbin(China). My architectural visions have been widely awarded and exhibited.
Milena Stoykova Milena Stoykova
I’m founder of the Foundation Ghena Dimitrova. After the death of Ghena, I’ve organized an array of events and presentations dedicated to her, made a movie about her, published a book but until recently I didn’t feel the need to establish some kind of organization. But I grew myself as a person and spirit and came to the conclusion that it’s time to establish a foundation dedicated to Ghena, her art and personality, her heritance and to also to help new talents, to educate people what the art of opera is, to preserve the art of opera. I want to digitize the archive of Ghena and to make it accessible to everybody interested. Me and the other members of the foundation we fight for that her birth house becomes one day a museum. As a profession I’m cinematographer and producer of short movies and documentaries and that's why I'm passionate about cinema and art.
Mirha Šabanović Mirha Šabanović
Art historian and literature professor, expert associate for movable heritage, art and applied art. Interested in history, architecture, art and design in correlation with heritage and cultural inheritance, and in terms of restoration and conservation. This year's theme is very interesting and productive field from the aspect of my profession and descriptions of the work I'm in, and from the possibilities of personal contribution in it.
Mirna Dragas Mirna Dragas
I am a recent graduate from a Master's program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Lund University, with a background in political science and a strong interest in social innovation, urban sustainability and art. I also write fiction and poetry.
Olson Lamaj Olson Lamaj
I am Olson Lamaj, a young visual artist from Albania, working mainly in photography, video, and installation. After I finished my studies in Italy, I moved back in Albania, where I currently work. Since I came to Albania, I have tried to be an active player in the local artistic scene, mostly by being part in expositions but even helping in organising of art activity in Albania. In 2013, together with 2 fellow artists, I founded MIZA Gallery, an artist-run- space in the heart of Tirana that serves as an exhibiting platform for young Albanian and vibrant artists.
Panagiotis Andrianopulos Panagiotis Andrianopulos
My name is Panagiotis Andrianopoulos and I come from Kalamata. I have born in 1977 and I’m co-founder and administrator of the non-profit organization “Αρχείων Τάξις» (, which has as mission the rescue and the promotion of Documentary Heritage. I'm permanent civil servant and Ι have worked as teacher of Humanities and Social Sciences at Secondary and Adult Education. My new position is at General Archives of Greek State (branch of Kalamata) as archivist. I'm really passionate with the rescue and promotion of archival heritage (documents, photos, films etc). I strongly believe in life-long learning, in connection of scientific fields and in collaboration of people under the umbrella of projects, which are useful for the society. I could say that “Searching-creating-sharing” is my favorite motto. Based on this belief, I have taken part in many projects as volunteer and I’m always trying to make networks or participating in them.
Pothiti-Eleni Manolia Pothiti-Eleni Manolia
My name is Polina Manolia and I am from Athens Greece. During my studies both at the Law University Democritus University of Thrace and my Erasmus scholarship at the University of Granada, Spain, I have developed a special interest for Intelectual Property and on a personal level I have always had a soft spot for Art. I am currently working at the Cultural Department of Budrio, Italy via the Erasmus+ program EVS. More specifically I am assisting at the Communication and Production of the events of the Theater, the 5 Museums of the city, the Cultural Center, the exhibition areas, the auditorium and the organization of an International Music Festival of Ocarina. At the same time I have participated in the production of the International Tango Festival in Granada, Spain. Currently I am the curator and manager of an International Art Exhibition that takes place at the end of June at Budrio.
Ruby Moore Ruby Moore
Hi! I’m Ruby. I’m the founder of Creatives-Sofia, which is a collective of international and Bulgarian creatives, connecting online and face-to-face. The aim of the group (which is also my passion) is to support and inspire creativity and cultural collaboration without borders. With a small core group, I co-founded Artist Tree Sofia, a community art studio, event and exhibition space.
Simina Diaconu Simina Diaconu
I am the president of a cultural NGO that I founded in 2012 with two friends. First, I launched a short stories magazine, that had 16 issues in print (monthly) and featured mostly emerging writers. It was a period characterized by huge efforts and many partnerships and events. Then the magazine moved to online, where it lives now – we only publish stories and poems selected by the well known Romanian writers that we collaborate with. These writers teach aspiring writers how to get better at writing fiction or poetry since 7 years ago – we have workshops in Bucharest, at the seaside and online workshops. We have over 40 books published by our alumni (over 1000) to various publishing houses and one alumnus who was awarded the prize for the best emerging writer twice – he now has 4 books in bookshops around the country. We contribute to forming the new generation of writers and a network of writers and editors who have a close dialogue. We also formed a community of calligraphers in Bucharest – over 400 people since 2014. We had many creative projects along the way – I coordinate them all and promote them thanks to my communications background.
Simona Cristina Vilău Simona Cristina Vilău
I am an artist, curator and cultural manager working and collaborating with various public and private institutions in Romania and abroad for over 15 years.
Stefan Savić Stefan Savić
My name is Stefan Savic, I am a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo at the Department of Graphic Arts. I am the President of the Assembly of Associations of the Students of the Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Commission for Quality Assurance Control at the faculty. For the last year I am a member of art and activist collective ODRON where I hold the position of Secretary General but considering that we have a very small core team I am doing a multitude of tasks required for the implementation of our program which involves organization and preparation of exhibitions, discussions, musical performances and interviews with artists within the activity of the collective ODRON. As a young and inexperienced artist who is only at the beginning of his artistic practice, I am most concerned with the problems of identity in the post-war society and his significant role in the political and social life of Bosnia and Herzegovina's i.e. ethnic divisions that have priority over class differences and are one of the major factors that shape the lives of average citizens.
Stefania Thanou Stefania Thanou
I`m Stefania Thanou,I`m working on digital marketing the last 3 years and at the same time i m a curator, I`m passionate for curating so each year i m organizing one exhibition for two weeks. My next exhibition will be a research for the social media and the way that they are effecting our lives and at the same time our relationships.
Stephanie Handjiiska Stephanie Handjiiska
My name is Stephanie Handjiiska and I am a Bulgarian dancer, choreographer and director. I have a strong interest in producing work and working in the capacity as a project manager. I work on projects between Bulgaria, Asia and the UK.
Vesy Deyanov Vesy Deyanov
Hello! I am a Vesy - a social sculptor and art lover. By day, I create opportunities for people to meet and have a genuine human interaction. I particularly enjoy bringing different communities together that otherwise wouldn't have a chance or desire to do that. I am really interested in the role of participatory art practices and I am currently exploring the intersection of art and social change.
Victoria Kostova Victoria Kostova
I am passionate about working with people and helping them develop and discover new insights. What motivates me is to encourage non-professionals to explore artistic methods for expression. Another thing is the constant struggle for approaching new audiences and making them commit - this gives me energy and charges me with the fresh understanding that a decent program is far from enough to make impact and to pass a message.
Viktor Nikolov Kirilov Viktor Nikolov Kirilov
My name is Viktor Kirilov, I’m a postgraduate student from the University of Ruse, Bulgaria, from the specialty European Studies and Public Administration. I have worked with the International Elias Canetti Society, currently as a Culture manager at the department of Arts and Culture since October 2018. I deal with the daily organizational tasks, managing the IECS facebook and web pages, and most notably I support the organization of our two annual events: The International Literature Festival in Ruse as well as The Literature Night.