CMA 2018

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73 cultural managers from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Adrian Popa Adrian Popa
Media communication specialist and projects coordinator at the Civitas Foundation for Civil Society (Cluj-Napoca). Passionate about tangible and intangible cultural heritage, previously worked on several projects for preserving and promoting local identity. Former journalist, experienced storyteller and writer, co-founder of the Centre for Visual and Anthropological Education association. Currently a PhD candidate in Communication Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. Wanting to do more and play his part in raising awareness
Anastasia Palii Anastasia Palii
Anastasia Palii is a young culture manager with a background in Fine Arts and Design. Since 2014, she have been involved in many artistic projects dealing with public spaces and community engagement. Currently she is coordinating projects in different culture fields at German Culture Centre Akzente in Chisinau. Through this seminar, she expects to improve her management skills and to build collaborative relationships with other professionals in order to develop a project in the heritage field.
Anastasia Panagou Anastasia Panagou
My name is Anastasia Panagou and I have a bachelor degree in Greek Literature and a master degree in French and Comparative Literature. Furthermore, I have 2 degrees related with music: harmony and counterpoint. I am also a piano student and a lyrical singer. My interest in arts and especially in music and literature drove me to organize cultural activities for children in municipal library of Thiva and become a volunteer assistant manager in 7ply project. I can speak apart from my maternal language English, French and Spanish. In conclusion, I have a certificate of musical teaching for children.
Andreea Foanene Andreea Foanene
PhD in Visual Arts (2016) Master of European Cultural Policies, West University of Timisoara (2009) (bilingual En./Fr.); Bachelor in Art History and Art Theory, Faculty of Arts and Design in Timişoara Bachelor in Visual Arts, Painting (2007) Faculty of Arts and Design in Timişoara. Erasmus scholarship at the École Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine in Metz, France (2005-2006).
Anna Kefalidou Anna Kefalidou
I have a degree in History and Archeology and I am specified at teaching to students with special needs and learning disabilities. I am proficient user in English and an independent user when it comes time to digital competence. I have been to two conferences as a lecturer, the first one related to education and the other one to arts. I have also attended University courses related to museums as alternative form of education. For the time being, I work as an employee to a hospital.
Azra Tunović
Azra Tunović is a Sarajevo based architect and researcher whose interests lie in a relationship between cultural heritage and tourism, as well as in the potential for sustainable use and care through interpretive projects. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azra holds a degree from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo. The topic of her final thesis was Urban Transformation and Strategic Development of town Visoko. For a period of time she lived and worked in the Netherlands. Azra has also worked for and collaborated with various cultural institutions and festivals, such as Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo Winter, Oerol etc. Over the last ten years she has worked as the Expert Associate for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage at the Institute for Protection of the Monuments of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During that period she has led the design aspect of restoration, reconstruction and conservation of several historic buildings. Working as part of a team of experts, Azra was in charge of creating the Criteria for the Assessment of Outstanding Universal Value for the second largest Jewish Cemetery in Europe, located in Sarajevo. As a result of this work, the Jewish Cemetery was put on the UNESCO’s Tentative list in 2018
Bartosz Radojewski Bartosz Radojewski
Heritage focus started with the internship “Saving the Stones” in Israel - Programme organized by Israel Antiquities Authority and International Conservation Centre in Akko (Old Acre). The internship was focusing on the preservation of heritage – practical and theoretical aspects. It included lectures from architects, archaeologists and other researchers as well as filed trips and workshops. Each participant had also a private research to be done and published. In my case, it was the research of the water system under the biggest mosque in Israel, titled: “The Historical Documentation of the Water Cisterns under the Jazzar Pasha Mosque in Acre”.
Boyana Dzhikova
Boyana Djikova is born in 1996 in Sofia. Her education is in law and art history. She has publications on the website of the Informational portal of nongovernmental organizations in Bulgaria regarding citizen rights, and has also been writing for Artnews cafe - a digital platform dedicated to contemporary art. From the beginning of 2016 she becomes part of the team of Gallery 2.0 in Sofia – an urban place for art, people and events presenting Bulgarian and foreign artists creating in the sphere of contemporary art. She’s interested in the transformations of art and their direct liaison with those of society.
Carmen Hannah Iovitu Carmen Hannah Iovițu
She was born in Craiova in 1970; Carmen Hannah Iovitu graduated from the Faculty of Art History and Theory in 1995. She was a museum curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art from 2005 to 2015 and at the National Art Museum of Romania between 1993-2005.
Cristina Ionescu Cristina Ionescu
I was born in Galati, Romania close to the Danube. I have finished my studies as a teacher at the Alexandru Vlahuta Pedagogical Highschool (now named Ion Popescu Pedagogical High School, after its founder and first principal).
Dayana Nikolova Dayana Nikolova
I have been working in the field of urban planning since my graduation as an architect from the UACEG in Sofia in 2012. My interest in the various layers of the city led me to finishing the master’s programme Architecture Theory and Criticism in UACEG, where the emphasis was on the interconnections between architecture and culture, art, sociology, etc.
Despina Chrisidou Despina Chrisidou
Professional in Marketing & Business Development in Consumer Products and B2B Services. Active in intense and demanding environments, viewed both as a visionary challenger and an adaptive results-oriented person. Dedicated nature, interested in contributing to innovative organizations, by growing personally as their goals are achieved. Privileged to have been exposed to multinational & local organizations, with diverse size, culture and activity as well as to colleagues who value creativity in business management. My personal interest in Arts & Culture urged me to participate in multiple artistic professional environments both as a professional as well as a volunteer, by leveraging all the corporate tools & methodologies of my 15 years working experience
Diana Ioniță Diana Ioniță
Diana-Adela Ionita is a youth project manager and intercultural communications specialist, with 8+ years of experience in non-profit sector. She has been trained in multicultural environments on various related topics such as history of art, advocacy, cultural education, digital tools and human development. Diana-Adela is currently working with GEYC, focusing on creating new opportunities for youngsters to embrace the traditions, customs, artistic expressions and values of their community, to become more aware of the cultural diversity worldwide, to become more active in using digital tools to discover and explore the cultural heritage, to support intercultural dialogue and innovation and thus, to increase their employability. The expectations regarding this program target getting the know-how and building qualitative partnerships, with a focus on the Western Balkans network, in order to further develop projects to enable youth to get closer to and become more involved with the cultural heritage.
Eleni Salvara Eleni Salvara
Eleni lives and works in Athens. She studied Archeology and History of Art at the University of Athens as a scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation. She is mainly interested in the impact of art and education on socio-political ideologies. She has worked in cultural organizations as an adult educator of Art History and a tour guide and in the organization and presentation of art exhibitions. For many years, she was also employed as a manager in the retail industry.
Elma Hodžić
Elma Hodžić is a curator and art historian from Sarajevo. She has a degree in art history and literature. Elma is researching the connections between museums and collective identity. She explores the process of storytelling in the museums and discovers the meanings and messages in museum objects. Elma is active in the field of museum pedagogy and education, but also in projects connected with heritage and activism. She works in History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
EKlayn Emilia Klayn
Emilia Klayn is a Communications Consultant working mainly in the Arts and Culture. Her professional experience includes commercial communications, event management, non-profit management, translation/interpreting, and teaching. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Communications Studies, International Studies, and French and Francophone Studies from Macalester College, Saint Paul, Minnesota. She studied French cinema and history of art at the Sorbonne, Paris. She holds a Master of Arts degree in French (Visual and Cultural) Studies from New York University, New York.
Florentina Calmatuianu Florentina Calmațuianu
Florentina Calmațuianu, aka sr. Parascheva, is a a Romanian orthodox nun and also the manager of the Sturdza Castle in Miclăușeni, Romania, where she is responsible for the sustainable development of the Castle as a museum, including restoration, tourism strategy, and brand identity.
Georgia Kourkounaki Georgia Kourkounaki
Georgia Kourkounaki is a Phd Candidate in Art History at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Master’s degree in Museology and Cultural Management from the aformentioned University and the University of Western Macedonia (2008). In 2005-2007 she collaborated with the Teloglion Foundation of Art on conducting educational programs. In 2008-2015 she worked as a museologist at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2016, she works as a museologist at the Olympic Museum. Since 2004, she has collaborated with the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, galleries, art festivals and the public sector for the coordination and curating of art exhibitions.
Horia Iova Horia Iova
Horia Iova is a young and always enthusiastic Cultural PR Specialist, looking to make a difference in the way cultural institutions relate to their relevant public. With diverse experiences related to museums and their activities, accumulated by working as an intern in the National Museum of Art of Romania, The Romanian Peasant Museum, The House of European History in Brussels, and as an employee of the Bucharest Municipality Museum, he developed a varied approach to working with material and immaterial heritage. Feeling equally comfortable when talking to members of the press, offering guided tours of the museum to students, welcoming high-ranked official delegations or dealing with the long queues during the Night of Museums events, he has good mastery of every task related to communicating heritage in a museum.With a bachelor’s in communication and public relations and a master’s in cultural studies with a thesis focusing on the integration of immigrants by cultural participation, he always keeps his attention on meaningful communication with the direct beneficiaries of cultural activities. Within this course, he is looking forward to exploring different ways in which Eastern European cultural institutions could become more relevant and involved in the real lives of local communities, while also becoming efficient agents of cultural diplomacy. Creative answers, but also new questions and challenges, will be more than welcome.
Hristos Panoilias Hristos Panoilias
Hristos Panoilias is the owner of the company for organizing events Action Esti. His most recent project was the EVENT EXPO 2018 at the Peace and Friendship Stadium during which he brought all the participants and businessmen of the event together. His academic education includes a Piraeus University degree in Organization and Business Administration and a Master in Business Administration with Marketing Direction from Nottingham Trent University. In the professional field his course includes work in well-known companies in the following departments: Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Economic and Web Development. At the same time, he has worked as a columnist and reporter on music and information sites as well as a radio producer. On the artistic front, Christos Panoilas is an active lyricist and interpreter and uses the pseudonym of Lagni. In 1998 together with Joseph Printez he created the hip hop band New Order of Things or NYP. It appeared at all major festivals as well as TV channels (ANT1, Alpha, Sky, Mad, MTV). For one season he was a co-star of the show "Yo! MTV Raps "as well as the presenter of the top concert events. In 2012 he was awarded a gold and platinum album from his participation in the album "Stavento - Once upon a Time".
ITodorova Irena Todorova
Executive director Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO
Karina IIieva Karina Ilieva
I was introduced to the world of art already as a child. At the age of 10 I was accepted into the State Ballet School in Varna. Today I perform professionally in Varna State Opera. I expanded my education beyond the world of art by doing MSc in Sociology and MSc in Management, both in Germany. I believe the Cultural Management Academy would be very beneficial for me. At the moment I am working on an innovative project in the sphere of art together with my colleague Silvia Hristova who is also part of the the Academy. We believe the knowledge and contacts we build during the education will help us develop our project, whereas the focus on innovation will give us more awareness of the different ways of keeping the audience engaged in the dynamic world of today.
Karina Simeonova
Regional history museum Sofia
Katerina Karousssos Katerina Karousssos
Katerina Karoussos is an artist and a Doctor of Philosophy at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University. Director of I-Node of the Planetary Collegium, the Greek node for doctoral and postdoctoral studies (School of Arts and Media) at the University of Plymouth (2012-2016). During the years 1994-2003 she was the director and founding member of the Centre for Study and Research of Fine and Applied Arts. From 2004 until 2015 she worked as a freelancer in the Fine Arts School of Athens Fresco in the Byzantine Art Studio. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Athens and a Masters from Middlesex University. Karoussos has participated in many international conferences ((ISEA, Aber, Dimea, Consciousness Reframed Series etc.). She has published in many academic journals (Metaverse Creativity, Technoetic Arts etc.). Apart from her artwork as a mural painter in Orthodox churches, she has participated in many international exhibitions (Athens, Japan, New York, Frankfurt, Montenegro, Cuba, etc.) She is the Director of Karoussos Archives. Recently Karoussos is working as a virtual fresco painter in Karoussos Chapel.
Kiriakos Papadopoulos Kiriakos Papadopoulos
Graduated from Higher Drama School of N.T.N.G. (1999), from Annual Paidagogical Exeprtise of H.S.Pai.T.E. (2005) and from Open University of Cyprus undergraduate program “Studies on Hellenic Culture” (2018). Employee of “Demofelia”, Public Benefit Organization of Kavala, (Department of Culture) since 2008. He has participated to a range of theatre performances mainly for kids as an actor, a singer, a dancer, a musician a.o. He has scheduled, instructed, coordinated, developed and presented drama theatre projects, theatre seminars for educators and amateur actors, storytelling and music-poetry events in many festivals. He has attended many art seminars and he is expertising himself often through participation to Erasmus + projects. He speaks three languages and he is a resident of Kavala.
Laura Coltofean Laura Colțofean
I am a museum curator and an archaeologist at the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu, the first public museum in present-day Romania, opened in 1817. My research focuses on prehistoric archaeology, history of archaeology, the politics of identity in archaeology (gender, nationalism and ethnicity), and heritage. At the Brukenthal National Museum, I am in charge of the prints and drawings collection, which comprises an impressive number of more than thirteen thousand works of art from the 16th to the 21st century. I am also interested in oral and cultural history, contemporary art and documentary filmmaking. I earned my PhD in History in 2016, at the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania. My thesis reconstructs the scientific biography of pioneering Hungarian female archaeologist Zsófia Torma (1832-1899) in the cultural, social and political context of 19th-century Transylvania. At the 2018 Cultural Management Academy in Bucharest, I wish to learn about the necessary theoretical and practical skills that I need to successfully develop projects and programs for the heritage and people of Transylvanian Saxon villages. On a long term, I aim to make these communities aware of the fact that regardless of their ethnic background, Saxon heritage requires conservation and can be an effective resource for their development.
Leila Kurbegovic
Editor Cultural Program, Sarajevo Television
Mădălina Puiu Mădălina Puiu
Qualified cultural tourism agent and incoming travel tailor in Romania, with 4 years experience on Corporate Social Responsibility, project management and fundraising campaigns in education and culture, for key multinationals and NGOs in Romania. Started her career in cultural management with an internship at the Foreign Relations department of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest and later on followed a traineeship at the Cultural Diplomacy Institute, Berlin. Equally interested in tangible and intangible heritage, currently her responsibilities concern creating, promoting and operating cultural programs that include heritage sites, which can be visited by foreign tourists’ groups arriving in Romania. Expectations from this seminar relate with a better understanding of ways and resources to promote valuable heritage sites (and in the same time to sustainably contribute to their preservation), with a special focus on the ones from Romania.
Maria-Malamo Venza Maria-Malamo Ventza
My name is Ventza Mariamo (Maria-Malamo), I was born in Athens in 1992 and I was raised in Volos. I have graduated from the Faculty of "Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies" at the University of Patras, I have studied M.Sc. "Tourism and Cultural Planning and Development" at the University of Thessaly and nowadays I am a postgraduate student in "Museology-Culture Management" at AUTH. I speak English and Italian, I am good with computers and I've been studying senior music theorists and violin. I was volunteering and I was an intern at the "Athanasakeion" Archaeological Museum of Volos and at the Medical History Museum at the Department of Medicine of AUTh, where I was occupied in the field of digitalization and recording objects, in the educational programs and in the creation of informative material for a periodical exhibition. In addition, through the Erasmus+ program, I had the opportunity to do my internship in the Capitoline Museums in Rome in the field of educational programs. I have participated and attended conferences on cultural heritage and museums.
Mario Filipov Mario Filipov
Mario Filipov is a 3rd year PhD-student at Sofia University “St. Klliment Ohriski”. His research interests are related to the study of the history of High and Late Middle Ages, military history, medieval military technology, and, above all, the German Hansa. He has been a member of the International Students of History Association (ISHA) since 2011 and took part as a participant and organizer in a number of international seminars and conferences. His dissertation is connected with the topic of piracy and mercenaries in the Baltic between 1360s and 1430s. Mario is currently working for the Regional History museum at Sofia, Bulgaria. In this connection, he is engaged in the search, study, registration and identification of movable cultural assets, materials and documents, and relations and cooperation with other museums and cultural institutions.
Miglena Gerasimova Miglena Gerasimova
Coordinator at Vision for development of Sofia – social and cultural aspects of the planning process. Miglena is graduated urban planner. Her career starts as a planner and consultant in the field of urban issues and territorial development, which later leads her to a research work in the field of urban studies and citizen’s participation in the process of urban regeneration and development. In 2018, she is defending a PhD in Urban Sociology in SU.As a sociologist, Miglena is working on different research topics such as reformations of the urban structures and the position of the citizens in the planning process, new urban policies for participation, minorities - migrants and refugees, Identity of multilingual cities, cucltural heritage urban issues and participation and many more. She has a wide international experience with interdisciplinary research teams in countries as Russia, Austria, Poland, Ireland, North Ireland, Brazil.
Nadezha Ilieva Nadezhda Ilieva
Nadezhda Ilieva has a Masters degree in “Perorming arts and scenography” from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design, London, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in theater and scenography from the New Bulgarian University. She currently works at the Regional Centre for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO.
Neda Zhivkova Neda Zhivkova
My name is Neda Zhivkova and I just finished my PhD on “The Influence of New Objectivity movement in Bulgarian Art in the 1930s” in National Art Academy, Sofia. I am currently working as a curator in Sofia City Art Gallery. My interests are in the field of modern art and education. I like to travel on interesting historical sites and do yoga.
Rada Ezekieva Rada Ezekieva
My name is Rada Ezekieva, and I am a cultural manager based in Sofia, Bulgaria. My professional and personal resources are concentrated in the field of non-governmental organizations: artistic and social. My work includes theater, cinema and visual events, as well as critical texts.
Selma Karacevic-Kapic
Selma Kapic is a part from the Asssociate for Builts Heritage Preservation at Institute for Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of Canton Sarajevo, B&H since 2005. She has a degree from the Faculty of Architecture at University of Sarajevo as well as diplomas for Inventory of Urban architecture from Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey and Integration of Environmental Issues into Territorial Management and Planning from University in Bologna, Italy. She has enviable experience in the field of Cultural Heritage gained through participation in various projects such as Heritage Exhibition Designs; Integral Heritage Projects; Cultural Heritage Conservation, Restoration and Reconstruction Projects; Preservation of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage Studies and Smart Heritage projects. She also owns several awards from different competitions.
Silvia Hristova Silvia Hristova
Silvia Hristova was born in Varna, Bulgaria. When she was a child, her family moved to Turkey where she grew up. She attended secondary school at the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Istanbul and after that moved to the Netherlands to study Arts and Culture at Maastricht University. Eventually, having been abroad for 15 years, she moved back to her hometown. Currently she dances professionally with Varna State Opera and manages independent projects. She is co-founder of Varna Dance Theatre – the first contemporary dance company in town.
Stefan Prohorov Stefan Prohorov
Stefan Prohorov is a Bulgarian stage director and playwright, working mostly in the fields of theatre and performance art. His work focuses on an interdisciplinary approach towards socially relevant subjects, as well as cross-cultural experiments in the field of classical theatre.
Tania Skrapaliori Tania Skrapaliori
Athens born and raised, with legal background, specialized in Corporate Law. Postgraduate studies in Music Business and Cultural Management. Has worked for some major cultural events in Greece such us Athens Biennale, Plissken Festival and Summer Nostos Festival. Currently works as music journalist and freelance communication consultant
Timea Anna Fülöp Timea Anna Fülöp
Director of the Palace of Culture Târgu Mureș, one of the most beautiful art nouveau palaces in the world. Also the president of the Vox Novum Cultural Association, its main goal is to bring exciting cultural programs to the city of Targu Mures, it's most beloved annual program is the SZFÉRA Contemporary Arts festival that will be held at the end of August for the 5th time. Born in 1986, currently living in Târgu Mureș, Romania. Timea has studied Public Relations and gained professional experience in mass-media, graphic design and cultural management. Former marketing director of the National Theater Of Targu Mureș and currently works at the Mureș County Museum as the director of the Palace of Culture Department. Proud human of a black German Shepherd taken from the local shelter. Loves to read 18th century novels and has a collection of the works of Balzac and Stendhal.
Todor Petev Todor Petev
Todor T. Petev is an art historian by education and educator at heart. He has worked as a lecturer, researcher and curator at several American universities and museums, and also as the Administrative Director of the American Research Center in Sofia. In Bulgaria, he is co-founder of the "My Museum" Foundation, the mission of which is to help Bulgarian museums develop their social relevance and educational potential. He has taught in formal and informal learning environments using progressive educational methods. Currently, he is assistant professor at the Faculty of Primary and Pre-school Education of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski."
Valai Yota Valai Yota
I was born in Greece on 17/06/1987. I am a graduate of IATA/UFTAA Foundation & EBT Diploma and also a Tourism Business Administration University. I have a master on Cultural Organizations Management and currently I attend my second one on Adult Education. I speak English and German fluently and I have a good knowledge of Italian. My work experience focuses on the cultural field and hospitality. I had my internship on GNTO (Greek Organization of Tourism), and I commenced full activities of front and back office in five star hotels as well as an assistant at Municipality Of Serres on tourism sector. I have also worked as a stuff member of festivals, responsible for the well carrying of the events such as live music shows and art crafts, I have volunteered on festivals for theatre plays, and on teaching art to immigrant kids. In the meantime during my work and studies, I attended various seminars such as: Encouragement and Supporting the involvement of women in political positions of responsibility and representation at national and European level ,Archaeology and Local Communities, Customer Service Specialist-Tourism and Travel Services Management, Photography and Cinema, Photography, German language on Education and Modern medicine issues.
Valeria Bineva
Chief expert, National Museum of Military History, Sofia
Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos
Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos is an artist and art expert who was born in Athens on 1972, where he lives and works. His studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts include Painting, master degree in Digital Arts (MDA) and PhD in Art Education. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts des Paris at the atelier of Christian Boltanski as scholar of the LVMH group. He attended UNICULT2020 lifelong learning program about Cultural Management and Cultural Policies as scholar of the Cultural Croatian Alliance under the Albert Kapovitch scholarship. He is certified specialist project manager for Visual Arts & Crafts and Cultural Heritage by the international certification “Arts”, Swiss Approval International SA. He was serving for13 years as Art Logistics and Insurance manager in the Art-Athina international contemporary art fair and the last 3 years as Art Consultant and manager at Art-Thessaloniki art fair. He was project manager also for the Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece at the exhibition “the human figure in the Arts”, Technopoli, Gazi, Athens (2011). He is founder of the artist group FOss and of the ACEY working group, an informal group of experts about Arts, Culture, Education and Youth projects. He has won the 8th LVMH international prize in Paris and the 1st award of Foundation Y&Z Spyropoulos. He was also a scholar of the V&E Goulandris foundation Scholarship Committee and the CCA Kitakyushu Sholarship Committee while selected and participated at the international research program of CCA Kitakyushu in Japan. He has made 6 solo shows and participated in several group shows in Greece and abroad. He was nominated for the 52nd Venice Biennial at the National Pavilions to represent Greece (2007).
Zina Lefkou Zina Lefkou
Being since an early age in a continuous contact with arts and culture, following and later giving dance lessons, but also being engaged as a volunteer in cultural programs, actions and festivals, until cofounding in 2012 ‘Art-Core KOIN.Σ.ΕΠ.’, a Social Cooperative Entreprise of Cultural Character, I have always been searching the dialectical interact and the consistency between artistic and social activity. This year, I worked at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. After attending Film courses in a private institute and through seminars, I continued my studies in France, firstly at ‘University of Paris8’ and then at ‘Sorbonne Nouvelle’, where I combined the field of ‘Film and Audiovisual Studies’ with this of ‘Cultural Management’. My main areas of interest are actually the development of an educational program-method concerning the film and audiovisual literacy and the investigation of the links between cinema, urban space and architecture.