CMA 2017

CMA 2017 impression Alexander Donchev / Goethe-Institut

57 cultural managers from Romania, Greece and Bulgaria

Ana Maria Pîrvan Ana Maria Pîrvan
Ana Maria is a Romanian film producer based in Bucharest. She worked for 10 years in one of the biggest production company in Romania, the last five years as an Producer and Executive Producer. Her portofoliu gathers more than 100 commercials for local and international clients, with directors from Europe and USA, coordinating teams and crew mostly from different countries and Romanian shorts and features with directors like Cristian Mungiu, Bogdan Apetri, Dorian Boguta, Mihaela Popescu that were screened in prestigious festivals worldwide (Cannes, Locarno, Toronto, Cottbus).With a formation in Philosophy at Bucharest University, Ana Maria completed her studies with different film programms and workshops around Europe ( Maia Workshop -Lithuania, New Horizons Studio – Wrocalaw, Screen4All Campus – Paris, Screenwriting for Fillm and Television – National Film School, UK, Screenwriting Foundation – London Film Academy, UK, Script Summer Base, Bulgaria). In 2016 Ana Maria created Anchor Films. Anchor Films is devoted in finding a new generation of filmmakers with a new creative approach, making films on subjects that are new to the Romanian public but not limited to the Romanian market. In the same time, Anchor is focused on creating training programs for filmmakers and extending the perception of the role arts plays in society.
Andreea Machidon Andreea Machidon
I search, I travel, I create. I try to be a responsible citizen of the world, an architect, a trainer, a mountain guide and sometimes a photographer . My love for protecting cultural heritage and working with healthy materials sprung and grew from attending various building, restoration and documentation workshop – building sites in Romania and abroad (Roșia Montană, Mincu House/Bucharest, Țibanesti, Bunești, The Strawbale Dome/Slovakia etc.). In the Pro Patrimonio Foundation I am challenged to adapt the patrimony subject to contemporary needs and develop creative strategies with both local and external impact. I manage the Honest Goods project, the foundation’s first attempt to create a patrimony brand through a collection of objects inspired by built architectural landmarks and the cultural landscapes around them. The educational aspect occupies an important part of my time through different kind of practical architectural exercices in the „De-a Arhitectura” team, hands-on programs in the „Eematico” team and out-door activities in the „Himalaya Travel” team. I grew close and discovered different places (Asia, Europe and America) through photography, having personal and collective exhibitions, through different extreme sports, mostly related to the mountains, and through meaningful and provocative volunteering actions.
Anna Doneva Anna Doneva
Anna Doneva began her dance education in 1987 at the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, and undertook further studies in 1993 at the Dance Theater Department of Theatre Studio 4xC. In 1999 she graduated from the Bulgarian National Musical Academy, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree of Ballet Pedagogy in the Vaganova method. She continued her training at the Laban Centre in London, UK, focusing on choreography, Cunningham technique, release technique, choreological studies, dance teaching, repertory, improvisation, movement observation, anatomy, contact improvisation, yoga and Thai Chi, completing a Professional Diploma in Dance Studies in 2001. In 2011 Anna was awarded a Master’s degree of Choreography after completing additional studies at the Art Academy in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Atanas Levakov Atanas Levakov
My name is Atanas Nikolov Levakov 25 years old from Bulgaria. I started my artistic development more than 15 years ago with fine art classes and till now I went true different artistic transformations. Last 10 years I became part of the graffiti and street art movement in Bulgaria and till now I’m working on developing my own artistic style and way of expression. Since all this years I observe the way this type of art changes not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe and across the world in general. I became part of different festivals and organizations witch goal is to create a sustainable and evolving ground for the artist and their communication with the public. I also took part in youth festivals in different cities in Bulgaria where I teach beginners and young artist about the basics of this culture and the techniques whitch they can use for creating their murals and pieces. In 2016 after traveling around Europe and observing the galleries and top level artist I started a project called “SAT Gallery Sofia” dedicated to promote and give opportunity for Bulgarian artist to make their own path true graffiti and street art scene.
Bistra Ivanova Bistra Ivanova
Bistra Ivanova is a social entrepreneur, cultural manager, integration expert. She is a co-founder and chairperson of Multi Kulti Collective, a Bulgarian NGO that has been working on community development through arts and culture, migrant integration, solidarity, human rights since 2011. She has been a project manager, strategist and mentor of “Multi Kulti Kitchen” – a social franchise in 7 biggest Bulgarian cities since 2011. She has also been the national coordinator of the official portal of the European Commission on migrant integration in the EU – European Website on Integration since 2015. Overall, Multi Kulti Collective’s projects have received numerous awards and recognitions at national and EU level and she is very often invited to present them as best practices and social innovations in different EU countries.
Christian Yovchev Christian Yovchev
Christian Yovchev graduated in 2015 with a bachelor degree in “Cultural Studies” from Sofia University. He continues his education in the Master’s program “Arts and contemporary culture – XX-XXI c.”. In 2014 he starts an internship with “Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization – “36 monkeys” as an assistant manager. He is an assistant-director for the performance reading “Mihaela, the tiger of our town” in 2015, part of the PRO-Text platform. Since 2015 he is the main coordinator of ACT Festival for Independent Theatre, and since 2016 is coordinating the “Shared Vision” initiative: a strategic proposal for developing of the free artistic scene in Sofia. Nowadays he is part of the team for “Sofia Creative Partnerships”, which investigates the opportunities for fruitful collaboration among Sofia’s businesses and the arts scene of Sofia assisted by local authorities, which furthers a key objective of the “Shared Vision” proposal.
Cristina Bodnărescu Cristina Bodnărescu
Cristina Bodnarescu (born 11th July 1986) is a graduate of the Master and Bachelor of George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi. She attended cultural management courses at the Summer School of Fabrica de Pensule Cluj. She is currently the program coordinator and financial manager of the contemporary art space Fabrica de Pensule Cluj. Since 2012 she is the project coordinator of the Temps d'Images Cluj Festival. She was the financial manager of projects at Fabrica de Pensule and other cultural events. She was the Artists Manager at the Jazz in the Street festival in Cluj. She coordinated the residency program of the National Dance Center Bucharest in 2014-2015. She was professionals assistant at Montpellier Danse Festival 2015 and residency assistant at Kunstenfestivaldesarts Festival in 2014. She participated in the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, organized by the European Festivals Associations in Beirut, 2015.
Daniel Stoeva Daniela Stoeva
Dimitar Sotirov
Dimitar Sotirov was born in Sofia in 1960. He graduated with MA degree Journalism and Mass Communications at the Sofia University. Specialized History and Theory of Culture at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sofia University. Currently doing a PhD degree at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication of Sofia University.
Dorothee Hasnas Dorothee Hasnas
Bucharest born Dorothee Hasnas graduated in architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. She worked in different architectural offices in Zürich between 2005-2010. Besides being Project Coordinator at the creative hub "The ARK Bucharest" since 2012, she’s involved in various other projects, from editorial activities for the Zeppelin architecture magazine and the Baedeker-Guide “Romania” to writing evaluations for the Europa Nostra prizes and her own blog at, from organising specific guided tours through her native town and country to acting as curator on behalf of the Romanian Chamber of Architects at the Street Delivery festival in 2017, the “Possible Gardens” edition. 2014 she wrote the report "Urban Planning & Design for the cultural strategy - Planning for Bucharest by 2025". As a member of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit she participated in the Campaign for earthquake-resistant construction with local materials in Haiti in 2011. Her exhibitions include "3xBucharest: bohème - dictature - transition (Zürich, 2010) and Haiti-Cherie, an exhibition about the beautiful sides of the country (Bucharest, 2011).
Elena Angelova Elena Angelova
Elena Angelova is a dancer and dance and theatre writer from Bulgaria. She begins her dance life with classical ballet and later on continues studying dance theatre and contemporary dance. During this time she paralelly dives into another subject – theatre studies and theatre management, which she graduates in the Bulgarian National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, followed by a Master of Arts degree in „Theatre art”. Currently Elena writes actively about the dance and theatre scene in Bulgaria. Her articles, interviews and reviews have been published in the most major Bulgarian medias for culture. Elena has been working for Bulgaria’s oldest International Theatre Festival „Varna Summer” on different levels like editor or coordinator. Nevertheless Elena’s interests include dance both as a theory and practice. As a dancer she takes part of two Elena Jacinta’s (Latvia) productions, „Tongue” and „Wordless”. This year Elena Angelova was also a coordinator for Antistatic International festival for contemporary dance and performance.
Emil Christov Emil Christov
Emil Christov is a writer and journalist with fifteen years of editorial experience with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Capital Light, Edno Magazine, Rouge, Madame Figaro, Diva, Premium Lifestyle. He is a contributing author to a number of other publications, including Vizh Sofia, Programata, Capital Daily, Freestyle, among others. He has extensively covered topics such as the local art, design and fashion scene, young and upcoming artists and creative professionals, government policies on culture, the export of culture, etc. As part of the creative teams of Noble Graphics Creative Studio and BBDO, he is the copywriter behind a number of past campaigns for Postbank, Bayer, Audi, Pepsi, Carlsberg, as well as several social campaigns. He gradually turned, though, to a career in the NGO sector, dedicating his time and know-how to MOVE.BG – a citizen platform for social innovation. As a communication specialist there, he is responsible for organizing and promoting a number of events, campaigns, public talks, discussions as well as programming and navigating some of MOVE.BG’s research projects on local festivals, culture and creative industries. Emil has a B.A. in Journalism from Sofia University and a degree in Display and Exhibit Design from FIT. He is the author of Aquarium, a book of poetry (2008), and his poems have been published in many European anthologies.
Emilian Mărgărit Emilian Mărgărit
Emilian Mărgărit is an independent curator and since 2017 founding member of the Cultural Centre for Image and Sound, Bucharest. He has a PhD in Philosophy (contemporary French Philosophy), he has published in collective volumes and scholarly journals, and studied abroad in Konstanz, Germany and Paris. He was engaged in political communication and worked as P.R for a publishing house. Works as trend analyst and freelance copywriter. Last year he started his first curator activity at Galeria ElectroPutere and foreseen an “anti-institution” that will support cultural studies interventions and artistic practices as forms of ethical disengagement from the entertainment market of culture
Florentina Tanase Florentina Tanase
Florentina Tanase has graduated in 2016 the master in "Cultural Marketing and Management" field within the Drama and Film National University “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest. In 2015 she has participated to the international conference “Theater and spectatorship” held by CDE Association in Barcelona and also to the cultural management summer school held by University of Rijeka. In 2016 she has organized the international conference "The importance of contemporary arts in promotion of the immovable cultural heritage in Romania". The event was organized in partnership with the Romanian Institute of Culture. The main focus was to build an integrate approach related to the topic of immovable cultural heritage in Romania. In this respect the conference was structured in 3 sections: legislative frame of work and cultural strategies; cultural projects developed in historical buildings; creative potential of the immovable heritage for the contemporary arts productions. Among the participants were counted representatives of Romanian Public Institutions such as Ministry of Culture, National Institute of Heritage, Romanian cultural managers, representatives from Romania and abroad of NGO’s active in the field of preserving and promoting the immovable cultural heritage. In 2017 she has participated as a speaker to the “4th Heritage Forum in Central Europe” with a presentation focused on the importance of using the immersive dimension owned by the contemporary performative arts in order to build an engaged audience willing to protect and promote the immovable cultural heritage from Romania.
Florin Bobu Florin Bobu
Florin Bobu (b. 1978) is a Romanian artist and curator who lives and works in Iași. He studied Media Art (B.A., 2005) as well as Sculpture (B.A., 2005) at ArtEZ/AKI, Akademie voor beeldende kunst en design, Enschede, The Netherlands. President since 2012 of the 1+1 Association (, a not-for-profit artist-run-institution that aims to promote the role of contemporary artists in today’s Romanian society by strengthening their status, discussing their responsibilities and supporting artistic practices. He is also a volunteer co-curator of Iași, since 2012. He recently participated in the CuratorLab 2016-2017 program at Konstfack University of Arts, Stockholm.
Iulia Popovici Iulia Popovici
Iulia Popovici is journalist, performing arts critic and curator, editor for the performing arts section at the Observator cultural weekly magazine (Bucharest). She previously worked as an artistic counselor at the National Theatre in Bucharest, the National Theatre in Târgu-Mureș, and in 2016 was a counselor to the minister of Culture in Bucharest. She is also an expert for Romanian and EU cultural programmes. She has written extensively about the alternative performing arts scene, collectives and artists in Romania and Eastern Europe, the social challenges of contemporary arts and the shifting in working practices (in magazines such as IDEA,, Revista Arta – Romania, UBU, Le Bruit du Monde, Théâtre/Public – France, Szinház – Hungary; Dialog and Teatr – Poland, – USA, Critical Stages, etc.). She edited two books, commissioned by the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, on New Performing Arts Practices in Eastern Europe (Cartier, 2014) and The End of Directing, the Beginning of Theatre-Making and Devising in European Theatre (Tact, 2015). She is the author of A Theatre at the Side of the Road (Cartea Românească, 2008) and The Elephant in the Room. A Guide on Independent Theatre in Romania (Idea Design & Print/ColectivA, 2016).
Joana Stefanova Joana Stefanova
Joana Stefanova Joyce is a cultural operator based in Sofia and Plovdiv. She graduates Cultural Studies in Sofia University and right after becomes an important part of Edno’s team. At the moment the foundation produces three international festivals in Plovdiv for contemporary culture and has already 10 years of experience in the field, but before that it used to issue the notorious magazine Spisanie 1 (2002–2012). Its current events are ONE DESIGN WEEK (festival for contemporary design and visual culture), ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK (festival for contemporary architecture and urbanism), ONE DANCE WEEK (festival for contemporary dance and performance). In the beginning Joana becomes a marketing and advertisement manager of the festivals but quite soon starts to experiment with all the other different roles in the sector and becomes responsible for the business development, the sponsorships and partnerships, and even manages whole projects by herself, etc. In the last year Joana took part in a couple of side projects like the BOTTOM–UP CULTURE which consisted of an open discussion and a professional workshop in the field of cultural management. The events were a follow–up of the 3th edition of the Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators, in which Joana participated in October 2016. Another recent side project of hers is the 15th edition of the German CAMP Festival for Visual Music, which took place in Sofia and gathered 15 multidisciplinary artists from Bulgarian and Germany who experimented together for a couple of days and presented a total of 7 audiovisual performances to the audience of Sofia in the end.
Mara Nedelcu Mara Nedelcu
Mara Nedelcu is a Romanian cultural manager based in Cologne and Berlin/ Germany. After she accomplished her studies in Arts and Media Management at the Free University in Berlin, she engaged in the professional support of the independent performing arts scene. She works in a rich intercultural context, consolidating artistic collaboration between Europe, Africa and Asia. 2009 she joined the team of Tanzfabrik Berlin, centre for contemporary dance, where she was running the production office for the last two years. Currently she develops cultural projects on institutional level together with tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf as well as with independent artistic companies like Mouvoir/ Stephanie Tiersch, MichaelDouglas Kollektiv or Choy Ka Fai.
Monica Sebestyen Monica Sebestyen
My background is in architecture, having almost 10 years of experience as a professor assistant of theory and history of architecture. Yet, for the last several years, the focus of my work has been on various interdisciplinary projects linked to the field of cinema.
Monika Evstatieva Monika Evstatieva Evstatieva
Nadezhda Moskovska Nadezhda Moskovska
My name is Nadezhda Moskovska. I have a bachelor's degree in Cultural studies from Sofia University, where I am also currently a student in Translation studies Masters programme. For five years I have been working as a cultural journalist at the Bulgarian National Television. As a result of my educational trajectory and my professional experience, I have developed a specific interest in the problems of translation, adaptation, and interpretation in various media and contexts. I am especially interested in the possibilities for encouraging translations and studying the processes of
Plamen Radev Plamen Radev
Director, actor, mime, theatrical pedagogue, playwright, author of theatrical, cultural and youth projects, co-founder and member of the leading team of FIRE THEATRE - an independent Bulgarian theatre company with nearly 25 years of history, focused on non-verbal theatre, pantomime and open-air & site-specific theatre, a pioneer in the sphere of the so-called “narrative fire theatre”. Being born in Stara Zagora, I live and work in Sofia since 1981. Since then I have been engaged in pantomime and theatre. I graduated from Sofia University – Slavic Philology (1988), and National Theatre Academy – Pantomime/Directing for Nonverbal Theater (1998). In 1993, along with my colleague Elena Pap, we established FIRE THEATRE Mime Company - one of the first and longest surviving independent theatre companies in Bulgaria. We started with pantomime and clown performances, children shows, open-air performances and so on, looking for our own “face”. Gradually, we focused on the use of living fire in a theatrical context and since 2006 we began to develop our specific form of theatre, combining the ancient and poetic art of Mime with the fire performance. We called it “narrative fire theatre”, because, unlike our colleagues, taking playing with fire as a form of entertainment, for us the story, the plot and the message are very important. We have created several large-scale productions (international teams) that we usually play in archaeological sites with ancient ruins or on the town squares. With our performances (fire, pantomime or for kids), we have participated in many festivals in Bulgaria and abroad (Korea, India, USA, France, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, etc.)
Sorina Neaga Sorina Neaga
Having done volunteering activities and internships for the past 2 years, I have started being interested in culture and event management. I was the volunteer of the Czech Centre in 2015, where I managed to bring their documentary film program – Documentary Mondays - outside Bucharest, in Cluj-Napoca and Brasov. I have also worked for One World Romania, as Kinedok assistant in 2016 and at the communication department in 2017. Moreover, I volunteered for the Centre for Legal Resources, working on their anti-discrimination programme. Even if my career is at its very beginning, I’m prepared to grow as fast as I can and gain the experience needed to make a difference. I am the new PR of the Czech Centre Bucharest and I’m working on my passion for cinema, planning to make a contribution to film education and distribution in Romania. I want to study filmmaking, as I dream to become a screenwriter and a film producer. I’m interested in all types of arts and in the way art can be used as an instrument that can influence society on many levels.
Tihomira Temelkova Tihomira Temelkova
My name is Tihomira Temelkova. I graduated NATFA "Krastyo Sarafov" in 2011, in Acting for Dramatic Theater. I was a member of Drama Theater “Geo Milev”, Stara Zagora, two years. I have participated in performances at Youth Theater, Satirical Theater, Teather Laboratory SFUMATO in Sofia. In the past two years, I have been focusing on the independent cultural sector and cultural management. I am part of the Art Office Foundation team. In 2016 and 2017 I was involved in International Theater Festival "Varna Summer". In partnership with Association for independent theater we organized the ACT Festival for Independent Performing Arts. I was part of the 21st edition of International Sofia Film Fest. - International Guest Coordinator. I have worked in the organization of "NIGHT - Plovdiv" 2016, an annual edition of the Night of Museums and Galleries, Plovdiv. In the near future, is forthcoming an international theater project for independent artists designed for a child's audience and work on the realization of the idea I apply for in this Academy.
Timea Veres-Nagy Timea Veres-Nagy
My name is Veres-Nagy Timea and I come from Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania. I am working for the Municapility of Sfantu Gheorghe int he field of communication and cultural management. For 15 years I have been working as a free lancer project manager developing projects, applying for financing and also managing them. I have been a project evaluator for the Romanian Cultural Fund (AFCN) since 2010. In 2015 I was a member of the i2021 team - responsible for elaborating the bidbook of Sfantu Gheorghe for the European Capital of Culture title and I was also responsible for the cultural strategy of the city. In 2016 I was part of an external experts' team responsible for the Castle In Transylvania strategy initiated by the PONT Group from Cluj Napoca. My field of interest is the role of culture in community development and I try to find ways throughout which arts, artistic acts can narrow the gap between people and can contribute to a more curious and responsible society.
Vasilena Pancharova Vasilena Pancharova
Vasilena Pancharova (born 1988, Gabrovo) graduated from the MA in Slavonic Philology in 2012 at the University of Plovdiv, Paisii Hilendarski. In 2012 she participates in the team of the BNT2 television show for literature and art "Metaphora" as an assistant director and coordinator. In 2013 she joined the preparation of NIGHT/Plovdiv, 2013 as editor-in-chief of the festival's blog and manages a team of 10 trainees. From 2014 until now Vasilena is part of Open Arts Foundation’s the team in Plovdiv. For the past years, she has coordinated projects such as: artnewscafe bulletin (2014, 2015), Introduction to Contemporary Art (2014, 2015), Debate/Lotus (2014), City Arbour (2015) ), FLUCA: Austrian Cultural Pavilion (2016), Alternative map of Plovdiv (2016, 2017), NIGHT/Plovdiv, (2015, 2016, 2017). Her responsibilities include coordination and control in the preparation and implementation of specific projects, working with partners, communicating with artists, participants and technical contractors in the projects, coordinating stages of the advertising and PR campaign, working with interns and volunteers, administration and reports of the specific projects and the activities of the Foundation.
Victor Velchev Victor Velchev
Victor Velchev is co-founder and executive manager of Creators Association - a nonprofit cultural organization that aims to provide community benefits, recreation, creative educational opportunities and social advancement in Bulgaria. He is a practicing counsellor and a certified rhythm facilitator. He is currently pursuing a specialization in psychodrama. In his work as a school counsellor, Victor endorses artistic activities to promote mental health and social well-being. Working in collaboration with his colleagues of Tsvete Theatre in 2015-2016, he led a series of workshops with students, using experiential methods, drama and creative art to advance human rights education. Victor is affiliated with the socially engaged non-profit organization "Artists for children International". Since 2014, he has participated in six projects, offering creative activities and drama workshops to children and youth at risk. Besides the roles of rhythm facilitator and activities leader, he has been involved in team management, event organizing and communication with clients, sponsors and partners. As a member of the independent artist collective Playback theatre "Here and now" Victor has participated in the planning and execution of two Bulgarian Playback Theatre Gatherings in 2016 and 2017. The events bring together the Playback theatre community in Bulgaria for creative workshops, masterclasses and performances. Currently, the group is preparing to host the European Playback Theatre Gathering in Bulgaria in 2020.
Virgil Cojocaru
Librarian since 1993, I have worked in all of the departments of the Neamt County Public Library. Methodological coordinator since 2005, I have coordinate professional development, librarian work management, new services design and development, cooperation with local public authorities, the heart of the network within all public libraries within the county of Neamt (83 local libraries). Also, I am involved in rethinking process of librarians’ role and involvement through implementation of programs and projects with the participation of community.