Publication 2021


The pilot edition of the EthicAI=LABS project gave 18 professionals, coming from artistic, humanitarian and technical background to collaborate and explore the connection between Ethics and Artificial Intelligence from the perspectives of Linguistics, Media, Bias and Creativity. The outcomes of their collaboration are presented in this publication, as each group has a separate chapter to present its research and/or project. The second part of the book collects texts by experts on AI & Ethics and its relation to the project topics – linguistics, creativity, bias, and media. Most of them were speakers in the EthicAI=Labs workshops and events: Dr. Nevena Ivanova (BG), Prof. Liviu P. Dinu (RO), Dr. Eva Cetinić (HR), Dr. Mihaela Constantinescu (RO) and Manolis Adriotakis (GR). The other text contributors are invited to broaden the picture and our understanding of current issues related with AI & Ethics: Inke Arns (DE), Leonardo Impett (GB), and Derrick de Kerckhove (BE). Enjoy reading!