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Blog, Engage, Act!
Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut
  • 08. April 2021 — 31. October 2021

  • Climate Change

  • Madrid (Spain); Rom (Italy); Brussels (Belgium); Munich (Germany); Lisbon (Portugal); Paris (France)

What is the state of climate activism in Europe and what does the young generation have to say about it? In “Blog, Engage, Act!” young activists and journalists from six European countries share their views and stories about the scene in their home countries.

In 2020, the climate debate has taken a back seat in conversations, but it needs to pick up again if we really want to change things for the better. Blog, Engage, Act! is a platform for young climate bloggers that aims to help shift the focus back and make activists' ideas and visions for the future heard. From the title to the selection of topics to social media actions, the bloggers are therefore involved in all editorial decisions.
In a global crisis, networking and exchange on local issues are particularly important. The bloggers come from six different European countries and also report on the different challenges they face in their countries.