Inger-Mari Aikio

Inger-Mari Aikio

Author and Producer

  • Climate Change

  • Sápmi (Finland)

Inger-Mari Aikio was born 1961 in Ohcejohka and still lives in Sápmi. She is a poet, writer, translator and director and producer of documentary films and music videos. Before, she worked as a journalist, radio host and reporter.

Aikio published eleven books in Northern-Sámi: poetry books, children’s books, a novel and nonfiction book. Her poems were translated in many languages, e.g. Spanish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Arabic, Kiswahili and Bulgarian, wrote the lyrics for many songs, firected music videos and documentary films. Aikio was nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize in 2004 and won the Skábmagovat Film Award (2013) and the State Award for Children’s culture (2015).

Contributions by Inger-Mari Aikio