Susanne Hætta

Susanne Hætta

Photographer, Visual Artist and Author

  • Climate Change

  • Finnmark (Norway)

Susanne Hætta is a Sámi visual artist, photographer and author from Finnmark on the Norwegian side of Sápmi. Hætta works with both art and commercial photography, but portraits and landscapes remain closest to her heart. Her books are about Sámi issues and Sámi people, published in many languages. She is educated in social sciences and has a background from journalism.

Hætta has published four books: A children`s book in Northern Sámi, “Okta Beaivi Ánniin”, a biography in Norwegian, ”Utsi – veien ut av det kriminelle livet”, a photobook about the Sámi artist Mari Boine, “Mari Moments – Mari Liibbat” in Northern Sámi and English and an artist portrait about Synnøve Persen, “Luondduadjágasat – Dreamscapes” in Northern Sámi, Norwegian, German and English. She is currently the editor of a 30 year anniversary book about the Indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu, but her latest book is about the pioneers in the Sámi artist group Mázejoavku, which is in English.  

Contributions by Susanne Hætta