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A snowy landscape by night
Timimies poems are filled with desperation, anger and emancipation. They're fueled by the pressure of standing on a vanishing landscape. | Photo (detail): © Ville-Riiko Fofonoff

Poet Timimie Märak is Sámi and a gender queer lesbian. In their poem, Timimie processes the different facets of their identity.

By Timimie Märak

What we want
To be acknowledged as a people treated as an equal

What they do
They cut our hair and our forests
They say they are doing it for us
Always ignoring the chorus crying out facts and feelings

Let's face it we are dealing with the rootless

The old ways become paved ways
 Love is seen as the strange way still treated as an illness

Let's face it we are dealing with the ruthless

They are breeding us to be kneeling feeding greed leading everyone to thinking healing is hiding behind face masks and productivity
The ones without future can afford to be truthless
 Let's face it we are dealing with a useless
system. It is working with them
 but because of us.
Digging coal drilling oil missing daybreak
Blood money paycheck