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Radio features

They hail from Amsterdam and Bucharest, Dresden and Oslo, Belgrade and Paris. The Goethe-Institut has won over about fifty European cultural partners for its large-scale pan-European Freiraum project. The object, amid the aftershocks of the Brexit quake, is to start up an enduring conversation between distant and often very different European cities. The Goethe-Instituts all over the continent have been randomly paired off into tandems with only one proviso: that the partnered cities be located at least a thousand kilometres apart. That explains how come filmmakers from Copenhagen are now documenting urban planning in Skopje, whilst young poets from Carlisle, England, are being video-streamed into Thessaloniki, Greece. They’ve teamed up to search together for realms of freedom in Europe.
All the results of this cross-continental quest will be presented at a festival in Berlin in March.

  Simone Reber © Simone Reber

Simone Reber paid a visit to Carlisle and to Skopje, Macedonia.

Here you can listen to the radio report about Skopje