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Short Stories

A good European – Eight Short Stories

At the latest since the Enlightenment in Europe, the concept of freedom has been of enormous importance to European identity. But the promise that this term held for a long time has apparently lost its charisma. For the people of Europe, being free is either too self-evident - or has taken on too many, often very different meanings. Freedom today has an indistinct value, conceptions of it often collide seemingly irreconcilably. 

How shall we deal with this state of affairs? How shall we reconcile awareness of tradition and self-determination? How can permeable borders be reconciled with secure coexistence? Is peace freedom enough when one has emerged from war? Is capitalism freedom if one has previously undergone socialism?

Eight European authors endeavour to provide narrative answers to these questions. Their short stories reflect their different experiences and systemic influences. But there is a certain anxiety inherent in almost all their stories - fear of the loss of freedom, scepticism about what freedom stands for today, shame at the distinctions Europe is making.

Cover Short Stories © Goethe-Institut Here you will find all eight short stories as PDF and as E-PUB: