Group photo of the meeting at Warsaw Photo: Adam Burakowski © Goethe-Institut
Amsterdam Pakhuis de Zwijger /
Re:think & Deutsches Historisches Museum (DHM)
Pakhuis de Zwijger is a place that nurtures debate and, together with the Re:think Foundation, uses art and discourse to explore power structures in politics, culture, economics and science. The organization has been encouraging collaboration, networking and exchange since 2006. Yasser Almaamoun is a Syrian activist and architect. He works for a Berlin-based architecture practice, is involved in the “Multaka” project at the German Historical Museum (DHM), and is “Foreign Minister” for the artist collective Center for Political Beauty.
Athens PAT -
Προσωρινή Ακαδημία Τεχνών
(Temporary Academy of Arts)
The Temporary Academy of Arts (PAT) is a mobile academy for professional artists and lay people. As an experimental, self-organized training center, it seeks to offer art students alternative teaching methods and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with other social models.
Banska Bystrica Not In Our town /
The initiative Not In Our Town opposes racism and xenophobia and seeks to build an inclusive society. It uses film, social media and organizational tools to promote civic engagement at a local level. Founded in 2011, the Záhrada Cultural Center is a contemporary arts space and important meeting place that delivers over 200 events a year.
Barcelona Fundación Secretariado Gitano

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) is an intercultural organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and developing the Roma community in Spain and throughout Europe.
Belgrade Andrijana Stojković

Film and TV director Andrijana Stojković has made several short and full-length feature and documentary films. Her work has been shown and won awards at film festivals in Rotterdam, Sofia, Havana, Marseille and at the Raindance Film Festival. She is the founder of All Inclusive Films, a production company committed to contemporary formats with a focus on hybrid docu-fiction forms. She is also a co-founder of Filmkultura, an educational association for audiovisual culture. She teaches courses in "Documentary Filmmaking" and "Contemporary Directing" at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

KROKODIL is an initiative dedicated to the realization of literary, cultural and socio-political projects with the aim of generating and nurturing a culturally interested public. It advocates the need for conciliatory dialogue and seeks to rebuild broken relationships in the Western Balkans. KROKODIL was founded by the Serbian writer Vladimir Arsenijević.
Brussels Beursschouwburg Founded in 1955, the Beursschouwburg is an arts center and meeting place for young artists situated in the heart of Brussels. It offers a varied program of events: theatre productions, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions, readings, discussions and parties. Art historian Tom Bonte is the center’s artistic director.
Bucharest University of Bucharest These Freiraum partners are political science students led by Assistant Professor Oana-Valentina Suciu. Suciu graduated from the universities of Bucharest, Oxford, New York and Budapest, and has worked as a researcher and activist for various NGOs and institutes. Her research focuses on electoral behavior, cultural diplomacy and the history of ethnic minorities in Eastern Europe and their representation.
Budapest Eötvös Károly Institute for Politics (EKINT) The Eötvös Károly Institute for Politics (EKINT) was founded in 2003 by Open Society Foundations as a framework for shaping public democratic processes in Hungary, to raise awareness of democracy, personal rights, political culture and to encourage solidarity. EKINT’s president is László Majtényi, Hungary's leading data protection officer from 1995-2011 and the Hungarian President’s only opponent in the 2017 presidential elections.
Carlisle AWAZ Cumbria AWAZ Cumbria is a community organization that has been working to empower the voices of under-represented people and marginalized communities in Cumbria, a county in the north of England, since 2005. Its aim is to make Cumbria a place where everyone is welcomed to live, learn and work; where people respect and celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity; and where all communities work together to tackle discrimination and promote mutual understanding.
Copenhagen Copenhagen Architecture Festival Founded in 2014, the Copenhagen Architecture Festival takes place yearly over the course of two weeks. Through film screenings, city walks, exhibitions, workshops and discussions it aims to explore how architecture shapes our lives – and how our lives shape architecture. The festival sees architecture as a spatial and a cultural practice.
Cracow Jagiellonian University Beata Kowalska is a sociologist at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She teaches feminist sociology, gender studies, development studies and postcolonial studies. As a researcher and anti-discrimination activist, Kowalska has studied Muslim feminism and the situation of women in the Middle East. She has lectured at the universities of Cambridge, Vienna, Amman and Buffalo, among others.
Dresden Kunsthaus Dresden Kunsthaus Dresden is a municipal gallery of contemporary art with a varied exhibition and educational program. One of its main goals is to make artistic forms of expression and content accessible to a wider public through its changing exhibitions.
Dublin Trinity Access Programme (TAP) /
City Arts Office, Dublin City Council /
TASC (Think Tank for Action on Social Change)
TAP, the Trinity Access Program based at Trinity College, Dublin, offers practice-based educational programs for people from socially disadvantaged and under-represented groups. The City Arts Office is a specialist service within Dublin City Council that promotes partnership working and supports artists, arts organizations and the city’s communities to deliver quality arts experiences that contribute to Dublin’s cultural life. TASC, the Think Tank for Action on Social Change, is an organization that works both theoretically and practically to raise people's awareness of economic and social inequality and promote democratic processes.
Genoa & Turin YEPP (Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme) 

Centro studi MEDÌ
Active in 14 countries, the Youth Empowerment Partnership Program (YEPP) is dedicated to supporting young people in socially disadvantaged communities, both with and without a migrant background. YEPP believes that in order for young people to become actors in creating positive social change, they must be allowed to develop their skills and be offered opportunities for exchange and stimulation.

Centro studi MEDÌ. Migrazioni nel Mediterraneo, an independent research centre based in Genoa, researches and works on migration dynamics and the changes they bring about in Italy and Europe.
Helsinki STOA STOA is a municipal arts centre in East Helsinki, an international part of the Finnish capital marked by its sizeable immigrant population. STOA’s orientation, particularly in its performing arts programmes, is international and contemporary, and the centre serves as a place for daily users to learn, read and socialize. STOA will also be hosting the Freiraum activities in September as part of its Nomads Festival.
Ljubljana RTV Slovenia Film director and producer Maja Ziberna manages the information department at RTV Slovenia (Radiotelevizija Slovenija), Slovenia’s national public broadcasting organization. Ziberna reports on society, culture and current events in a program called “Studio City”.
Luxembourg Rotondes /
LUCA (Luxembourg Center for Architecture) /
University of Luxembourg
Ian de Toffoli is a publisher, writer, literary critic and theater producer who teaches at the University of Luxembourg, a university founded in 2003. Rotondes is a cultural center that nurtures young talent and young audiences and produces a wide range of events: from art to theater, conferences, educational projects and workshops. LUCA, the Luxembourg Center for Architecture, is a non-profit organization that promotes good architecture as a core social value. Open to the general public, LUCA also offers a diverse events program and has represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale since 2004.
Lyon Image Aigue Christiane Véricel, founder of Image Aigue theatre company, works with actors from different cultures, backgrounds and ages. Children, teenagers and adults find theatrical forms of expression that do not involve words but rather body language and individual expression. Véricel works in socially deprived neighborhoods throughout the world, developing stories of difference, identity and belonging.
Madrid  Fundación Instituto de Cultura Gitana (FIGC) The Fundación Instituto de Cultura Gitana (FIGC) is a foundation within the Spanish Ministry of Culture dedicated to promoting and disseminating Roma culture and fighting discrimination. The FIGC works towards the harmonious coexistence of different social groups, the preservation of Roma cultural heritage and the promotion of Roma culture and language.
Marseille Hors d'atteinte publishing house Founded by Ingrid Balazard and Marie Hermann, Hors d'atteinte will be publishing its first books in early 2019. The name, which literally means “out of reach”, suggests something subtle and nimble, a place impervious to attack. Its two interconnected series of books, "Literatures" and “Facts & Ideas”, develop new interpretative tools and frameworks with a view to understanding a rapidly and profoundly changing world. One focus of the publications will be on feminism, but they will also explore such subjects as populism and nationalism, urban development policy and major environmental scandals.
Milan Sunugal
Founded jointly by members of the Senegalese and Italian community, Sunugal promotes social and cultural exchange between the two countries. The organization sees itself as a bridge between immigrants and their families in Senegal, carries out development work in Africa, provides information in Italy about the Global South and supports non-European immigrant groups.
Naples Bianco-Valente The artistic duo Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente – Bianco-Valente for short – have lived and worked together in Naples since 1993. Fascinated by the duality of body and soul, Bianco-Valente’s work deals with science, astrology and literature. In videos and interactive installations, they explore linguistic, spatial and social relationships and processes.
Nicosia ARTos Foundation The ARTos Foundation is a center for contemporary art and science dedicated to encouraging both scientific research and creativity: a space where learning, chaos and imagination are brought together. Artist/creators and scientist/creators are given the freedom to let their inspiration guide them – while being supported at a local and international level.
Oslo Den mangfaldige scenen (DMS) Den mangfaldige scenen (DMS) is a theatre in Oslo where you are heard and seen as the person you are. It’s a place where a sound, a step, a touch or a word becomes an encounter. A locus of cultural diversity where you can grow and mature. Young people here learn to take the stage and maybe even pursue professions in dance, theatre or drama. Our hierarchies are flat: young people can work with mentors to define their own brand of theatre here.
Paris A Night of Philosophy Philosopher and theater director Mériam Korichi writes about Spinoza, Andy Warhol and human emotions in her books. Her theatre plays and adaptations have been performed worldwide. At the interface between science, theater and art event, she initiated “A Night of Philosophy” in Paris in 2010, which has since taken place every year in a different city in the world.
Prague Institute for Democracy 21 (D21) Founded by a young mathematician and entrepreneur, the Institute for Democracy 21 is a start-up that develops voting algorithms. The independent foundation aims to save the world from more Trumps and Brexits by replacing one-vote, plurality voting with multi-vote, consensus-centred methods, and reverse current political apathy through “gamification” of elections.
Riga Žanis Lipke Memorial

Ģertrūdes ielas teātris (GIT)

The Žanis-Lipke memorial commemorates the Lipke family, which hid more than 50 inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto in Riga during the Second World War, saving them from the Nazi regime.

Ģertrūdes ielas teātris (GIT) in Riga is a forum for contemporary art, a venue for professional theatre, dance and performance art productions. Local and international artists perform their plays here. The GIT also holds non-commercial concerts and exhibitions and participates in various art mediation and education initiatives. Our guiding values are relevance, courage and audacity, sensitivity, creative exploration, openness, professionalism and determination to achieve well-conceived goals.
Rijeka Drugo More Active since 1999, Drugo More is a non-profit organization that focuses on social and community issues. Because Drugo More believes that art, culture and international exchange are key tools for the organization of knowledge transfer, they take an interdisciplinary approach to art funding, science and cultural theory. It promotes film, performance, cultural research and educational events.
Rome daSud daSud is an antimafia association founded in 2005. The aim of the association is to fight mafia with culture, political rights and participation. daSud works primarily on formal and non formal  education in a roman suburban school, with a special attention on gender equality. Since 2009, the association has its headquarters in Rome and produces campaigns, graphic novels and offers theatre and cinema events from an antimafia point of view. daSud works in collaboration with Italian Ministry of education and representatives of the art world.
Sarajevo Akademija scenskih umjetnosti Sarajevo – Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo (ASU) Founded in 1981, The Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo was the first drama school in Bosnia Herzegovina. Today it offers courses in acting, directing, cinematography, editing, sound design and film production. All teaching staff have industry experience and foreign students now make up 40% of the student body.
Skopje Kontrapunkt Established in 2001, Kontrapunkt is an organization whose main focus is socio-critical activism and the relationship between art, theoretical philosophy and politics. Kontrapunkt encourages artists and independent groups to organize themselves and generate projects, thus contributing to the development of an independent cultural scene in Skopje.
Sofia New Bulgarian University The New Bulgarian University in Sofia was founded in 1991 by intellectuals with the intention of modernizing post-communist studies in Bulgaria. Rumen Petrov is a sociologist at the university.
Stockholm Mitt 127 /
Mitt 127 is an initiative started up by young people for young people in Skärholmen, a district on the outskirts of Stockholm. Mitt 127 organizes festivals, initiates educational programmes and raises political awareness among young local residents. The charity Expo also documents and investigates right-wing violence and extremist tendencies in society and works to raise awareness through education programs in schools.
Strasbourg TNS The Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS) is the only French national theatre outside of Paris, which makes it an especially important venue in the French theatre scene. The TNS puts on more than fifteen plays per season, including several in-house and coproductions. It also hosts a wide range of events called "L'autre saison", admission to which is free of charge. "In a society increasingly threatened by violence and individual withdrawal,” says TNS director Stanislas Nordey, “the strength of our theatres lies in continually forging new ties: the theatre as a rallying point around the words of the poet.” Nordey has called on ten international artists, including German director Falk Richter, to assist in putting together the theatre’s programme. Richter’s play I Am Europe premiered at the TNS in January 2019.
Tallinn Kanuti Gildi SAAL Founded in 2001, Kanuti Gildi SAAL is Estonia’s first independent performing arts center. Since it does not have its own ensemble, the center works with freelance artists and theatre companies and, for most of its productions, the artistic process itself is a central part of the work. Kanuti Gildi SAAL is internationally networked and organizes the SAAL Biennaal performing arts festival in Tallinn.
Thessaloniki ARTBOX - Creative Arts Management Founded in 1989, ArtBOX is an arts management agency that develops and produces contemporary art projects. To date, ArtBOX has organized over 200 exhibitions, conferences, festivals and other events in Greece (Art Athina International Art Fair, Artecitya, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art…) as well as in 33 cities around the world (New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Venice…).
Tirana Edit Pulaj The artist Edit Pulaj (*1974) spent a number of years in Norwich and London before returning to Albania in 2009. In her painting she deals with color and the inherent ability to communicate and interact. Edit Pula also acts as cultural adviser to the mayor of Tirana.
Vilnius Jugend debattiert Alumni The Jugend Debattiert Alumni club in Lithuania, which has been active since March 2017, was initiated by participants of the international debating competition, Jugend Debattiert International. The club is dedicated to nurturing the culture of debate in Lithuania and aims to motivate young people to engage in socially relevant topics. It organizes workshops that give young people the chance to express their opinions.
Warsaw Fundacja Panoptycon Founded in 2009, Fundacja Panoptykon is committed to ensuring transparency in the digital realm and to providing clear boundaries for the use of (state) surveillance: it believes that digital technology should not be used without our knowledge, or beyond societal control or legal frameworks. The organization’s founder, Katarzyna Szymielewicz, is an expert on the risks of digital footprints.