Stockholm – Genoa What might measures to fight nationalism and right-wing populism look like?

Right-wing populist and extremist activity is spreading even in such a traditionally multicultural city as Stockholm. For the Freiraum project, the Goethe-Institut Stockholm has joined forces with Expo magazine and the NGO Juridikfronten. Expo gathers information and reports on developments in the right-wing scene, whilst Juridikfronten takes legal action to prosecute nationalistically motivated crimes.


Genoa/Turin and Stockholm have identified a common core issue underlying their questions: discrimination. Their project partners, the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme in Italy and the Mitt 127 initiative in a Stockholm suburb, are now working closely with young people to pinpoint the causes of discrimination. The partners have already exchanged several visits: Italian and Swedish young people have been sent abroad to take part in workshops together and looks for ways of combatting social exclusion, nationalism, right-wing radicalism and discrimination. An interactive photo exhibition was held in Genoa in July 2018, and young people and experts will be invited to an event in Berlin in early 2019.

(September 2018)

Our Partners

Mitt 127 is an initiative started up by young people for young people in Skärholmen, a district on the outskirts of Stockholm. Mitt 127 organizes festivals, initiates educational programmes and raises political awareness among young local residents. Freiraum_Skopje_TeaserSkopjeCopenhagen Freedom needs to be continually reassessed, redefined and re-established on a solid basis. This is the only way to shore up its identity and its economic and political foundations.
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Freiraum_Stockholm_TeaserStockholmGenoa What might measures to fight nationalism and right-wing populism look like?
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