Vilnius – Bucharest Is the freedom of young people in Lithuania curtailed by prejudices, social attitudes and stereotypes?

Vilnius is asking not about external restrictions on freedom, but about boundaries and barriers in people’s hearts and minds. The idea is to work with the association Jugend Debattiert (Youth Debating Competition) and young people approaching the end of secondary school: How can they break free from societal expectations and the pressure to obtain social approval in their choice of a career? How can they make a free decision based on their own desires and aspirations?


Bucharest wants to know how to promote tolerance in such a way as to render diversity a positive experience. To set an example, the Jugend debattiert Alumni Club in Lithuania, partner to the Goethe-Institut Vilnius, travelled to the Romanian city of Timişoara for the Plai Festival in mid-September 2018. Under the motto “Humans for Tolerance”, the club invited festivalgoers into their tent to take part in arts and crafts activities as well as discussions about tolerance. These casual debate formats encouraged people of all ages to join #TeamTolerance, to listen to diverse views and express their own, to recognize the inherent value of tolerance and to learn how to defend it.

(September 2018)

Our Partner

The Jugend Debattiert Alumni club in Lithuania, which has been active since March 2017, was initiated by participants of the international debating competition, Jugend Debattiert International. The club is dedicated to nurturing the culture of debate in Lithuania and aims to motivate young people to engage in socially relevant topics. It organizes workshops that give young people the chance to express their opinions.

Film: Children of Freedom

Directed by: Ruxandra Țuchel
Camera and editing: Silviu Andrei
Sound Editing: Valentin Bartolomeu
Production assistent: Mariana Ioniță

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