Dublin – Strasbourg Art, creativity, community and improved access to higher education: a path to freedom in Europe?

The probability of going to university after secondary school is unequally distributed across social strata, in Dublin as elsewhere. For the Freiraum project, the Goethe-Institut’s project partner, the Trinity Access Programme, is going to work with teenagers aged 13 to 15 and give them the self-assurance to aspire to an academic degree. The object of the project is to help them grow into the present-day knowledge-based society in a way that combines pleasure with competent use of their own cognitive and creative abilities.


The Freiraum projects of the Dublin–Nancy/Strasbourg tandem seek answers to the question of the nature of boundaries and limits. Can barriers – whether physical, symbolic or economic – be surmounted or at least practically and psychologically negotiated? In both cities, the projects target young people with a view to opening up new perspectives and room for manoeuvre in various formats. The Goethe-Institut Nancy/Strasbourg has joined forces with the Théâtre National de Strasbourg to hold a theatre workshop on I am Europe, a play by Falk Richter, with teens aged 13 to 15 who have no prior theatrical experience. The play will be premiered in Strasbourg in January 2019.

Dublin’s partners, the Trinity Access Programme and the Dublin City Council, seek to enable pupils from socially disadvantaged parts of the city to consider going to university. Working with visual artists and taking part in theatre workshops on the subject of freedom in Europe should help them use their imagination and creative thinking to make out more future opportunities for themselves.

(September 2018)

Our Partner

TAP, the Trinity Access Program based at Trinity College, Dublin, offers practice-based educational programs for people from socially disadvantaged and under-represented groups. The City Arts Office is a specialist service within Dublin City Council that promotes partnership working and supports artists, arts organizations and the city’s communities to deliver quality arts experiences that contribute to Dublin’s cultural life. TASC, the Think Tank for Action on Social Change, is an organization that works both theoretically and practically to raise people's awareness of economic and social inequality and promote democratic processes.
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