Athens – Bratislava The film makes it clear that there are sometimes more extensive limits on what can be verbalized than on what can be visualized.

Different people living in Athens have been asked, each, to pose a question on the notion of Freedom. From their different questions the team of Temporary Academy of Arts formulated one single question, executed in a film. More and more values of freedom and speech are commodified by large economical and cultural colonial enterprises, such is the enterprise that is taking place at the moment in Athens of crisis and catastrophy, by cultural institutions which are producing and overdetermine the conceptual frame for these matters, reversing them to soft politics. Athens and the spectacle of crisis is a great paradigm that there are semblances of freedom liable to visible and implicit constrains.

Athens-Banská Bystrica
The Athens-Bratislava tandem are working on various projects. Filmmaker Constantinos Hadzinikolaou and artist Yota Ioannidou are making an experimental documentary film in Athens entitled Ghosts of Freedom. Based on the murder of the Slovak investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová in February 2018, this portmanteau film deals with the limits of freedom of speech, the illusion of a liberal democracy and the forces undermining democracy: mafia practices, the spreading of fake news, fake politics.

The city of Banská Bystrica in central Slovakia is currently preparing for the Embargo Festival (9–12 December 2018), which is about human rights, tolerance and mutual understanding. It will be held at the Záhrada cultural centre in association with the Not In Our Town initiative. At the festival, discussions, lectures, performance art and an exhibition as well as theatrical productions and film screenings will shed light on the current socio-political climate, including its rightward shift and the mounting threats to many hard-won liberties. All the project partners from Slovakia and Greece, along with plenty of other artists and intellectuals involved in the Freiraum project, are invited and will be taking part in the festival, which will be the subject of a catalogue and filmed documentation.
As the third element of their Freiraum collaboration, Athens and Bratislava are planning a “Commemoration Tree”, a tree commemorating the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and calling for steadfast commitment to safeguarding freedom of speech. A symbolic tree will be planted in a public place in each of these cities with an explanatory plaque in English, Greek and Slovak.

(October 2018)

Our Partner

The Temporary Academy of Arts  (PAT) is a mobile academy for professional artists and lay people. As an experimental, self-organized training center, it seeks to offer art students alternative teaching methods and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with other social models.

An article from the Visual Seminar

In the Greek newspaper Efsyn (Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών) an article from the Visual Seminar in Athens of Zahrada was published. In December 2018 the journalist, Vassiliki Grammatikogianni, will be in Banska Bystrica for the Human Rights Festival.

From Vasiliki Grammatikogianni "What happened to us?“

The original article:
Συντάκτης: Βασιλική Γραμματικογιάννη
Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών
Zeitung der Redakteure
Vassiliki Gramatikogianni

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