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Deutschland #nofilter © Omar Sotillo Franco/Unsplash, edited by Goethe-Institut

The Magazine Germany #NOFilter

Germany #NoFilter is a website of the Goethe-Institut for German learners, German teachers and everyone who is interested in Germany with information from and about Germany. Here you can find stories about everyday life, career and studies, learn more about German cities, trends and much more.


For feedback or inquiries write an e-mail to internet-redaktion@goethe.de.

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The Editorial Team

Antonie Habermas

Antonie Habermas joined the online editorial office at the Goethe-Institut headquarters in 2019. For Zeitgeister, she is primarily responsible for the editorial supervision of the “Feminism” section. She manages and coordintes the online magazine Deutschland #NoFilter. In addition, she is also involved in the development of social media formats and management of the Instagram account @goetheinstitut.

Antonie Habermas © Loredana La Rocca

Marit Borcherding

Marit Borcherding has worked in the online editorial office at the Goethe-Institut headquarters since 2015. In the magazine Zeitgeister, she is responsible for the sections “Current Affairs” and “Projects”. In addition, she is managing various formats on the online magazine Deutschland #NoFilter.

Marit Borcherding © private

Jörn Müller

Jörn Müller has been online editor at the Goethe‑Institut headquarters since 2008. In addition to various other projects, he is responsible for the editorial supervision and further development of the section ;“Post-Digital Cultures” in the Zeitgeister magazine.

Jörn Müller © Loredana La Rocca

Marta Krus

Marta Krus joined the online editorial team of the Goethe-Institut in Munich in 2021. In the magazine Zeitgeister she is a responsible editor for the section "Sustainability". She also provides support for other sections and magazines.

Marta Krus © private

Eliphas Nyamogo

Eliphas Nyamogo is the head of the online editorial office at the Goethe‑Institut in Munich. He previously worked as the head of information and library services at the Goethe‑Institut in Nairobi from 2002 to 2017 before moving to the headquarters of the Goethe‑Institut as an online editorial consultant. Together with the editorial team, he developed the concept for the magazine Zeitgeister.

Eliphas Nyamogo © Eliphas Nyamogo

Natascha Holstein

Natascha Holstein worked as an online editor at the Goethe-Institut headquarters until September 2022 and was mainly responsible for the “Sustainability” section on Zeitgeister. She also provided support for other sections and magazines.

Natascha Holstein © Chris Janker

Regine Hader

Regine Hader was a member of the online editorial team at the Goethe-Institut headquarters until October 2022. ​She is responsible for the development of innovative formats and their editorial realisation.   

Regine Hader © Private