#MyJob “A variety of concepts and cultures”

Ismail Mohamed studied mechanical engineering in Cairo before starting his apprenticeship in mechatronics at Siemens in Berlin. One thing he finds particularly exciting is working as part of an international team.

By Ula Brunner

Ismail Mohamed …

… was born in 1993 in Cairo. He achieved a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the university there. He has been training as a mechatronics engineer at Siemens AG in Berlin-Spandau since August 2017.

Siemens … 

… enables through its „The International Tech Apprenticeship“ young people across the globe to learn a technical trade in Berlin. In this three-and-a-half year scheme, candidates over the age of 18 with a school-leaving qualification can enrol in an apprenticeship to qualify as a mechatronics or electrical engineer.