Man looking out of a window Photo by Martin Menke © Bon Voyage Films Fiction, drama, tragicomedy
Germany, 2021, 112 min.

Language: OV German/English with English/German subtitles
Director/screenwriter: Jöns Jönsson
Cinematographer: Johannes Louis
Cast: Moritz von Treuenfels, Ricarda Seifried, Thomas Schubert
Producers: Amir Hamz, Christian Springer, Fahri Yardim (Bon Voyage Films)
Festivals: Berlinale 2022 (Encounters), Karlovy Vary 2022, Hong Kong 2022, AFI European Union Film Showcase Washington 2022
Awards: Best Actor Moritz von Treuenfels (Hong Kong 2022)

On the surface, Jöns Jönsson’s Axiom seems straightforward enough—a portrait of Julius, a charismatic young museum attendant who is self-assured, assertive, and moves through his life relatively unchallenged and with no small amount of charm. But it soon becomes clear that Julius is rather more vulnerable than we first realized, and this plays out with something approaching amorality. Perhaps more accurately, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate his position on the moral spectrum.

It doesn’t take long to understand that we’re in the hands of a master storyteller. Axiom reveals a deep complexity over its leisurely runtime, mischievously toying with our callow expectations, built on rather unstable foundations. – Jim Kolmar

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