Top Down Memory

Film still: Top Down Memory © Daniel Theiler

Experimental Documentary Short, 2020, 12 min.
Original title: Top Down Memory 
Language: German with English subtitles
Director: Daniel Theiler
Screenplay: Daniel Theiler
Cinematography: Smina Bluth
Cast: Charity Collin, Lothar Binger, Noemi Castellanos, Linus Ralling, Martin Sabrow, Mechthild Schade, Mandy Unger, Thalia Werner
Producer: Daniel Theiler
Festivals: Stuttgart Filmwinter 2021

Top Down Memory deals with the manipulation of history in the context of the reconstruction of the Berlin Palace (“Humboldtforum”). Starting from the confusions surrounding an alleged proclamation of a socialist republic from one of its balconies in 1918, the film examines other political events that occurred on balconies. Reenactments of iconic political and cultural events on the original balcony raise questions about authenticity and manipulation. Who is writing our history? How do we deal with our past? How does collective memory work? The balcony is the central motive of the film, representing hierarchies and power politics.
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