Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum

Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum is a memorial museum that presents an overview of the life and history of Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s struggle. It is located in the Tamansiswa College complex and occupies the former home of Ki Hadjar Dewantara and his family on Jalan Tamansiswa No. 31, Yogyakarta. It was inaugurated by Nyi Hadjar Dewantara on 2 May 1970 with the aim of helping younger generations learn about, understand, and manifest the values contained in the life of the nation.
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The Sariswara System and Method is one of the intangible collections of Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s thoughts in the form of an idea concerning the shaping of the characters of the nation’s children so that one day they would unite into a distinctive Indonesian national spirit.