Being Open: Technical Challenges

6. November 2020 
10:30 — 11:30  WIB
Moderator: Annissa M. Gultom
Language: Indonesian (no interpretation)

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What are the technical challenges in making cultural collections open? How can we overcome them? In this moderated sharing session, participants from various GLAM institutions in Indonesia will be able to discuss some of the technical challenges they faced when adopting open access.

Annissa M. Gultom has been in cultural data and content development work since her time as an archaeology student (2000–2005). After graduation, her first curatorial work was in the same museum where she did her latest curatorial work in Indonesia: Museum Sejarah Jakarta. While the earlier curatorial work (2006) was for temporary exhibitions, the later curatorial work (2017) was for the museum’s permanent exhibition. Since 2012 she has been involved in multiple museum projects, including Museum Kain, Bali (2012-2015), a private initiative of digital exhibit space. In mid 2018 she relocated to UAE to work on museum projects in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region and is currently the Director of Ras Al Khaimah National Museum.