Citizen Science & Open Data

8. November 2020 
12:30 — 13:30  WIB
Moderator: Cahyo Trianggoro (LIPI) 
Language: Indonesian (no interpretation)

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Showcase from top participants from Citizen Science track, followed by a discussion.
Cahyo Trianggoro is a researcher at the Center for Scientific Data and Documentation - Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). He completed his undergraduate education at the Library Science Study Program, Padjadjaran University in 2013 and is currently pursuing his masters degree at the Postgraduate School Regional Innovation Study Program at the same university. Has an interest in data and information management issues and is actively involved in several communities (e.g. Good Science Indonesia) by campaigning for the importance of open research data. He is also currently involved in the Citizen Science project, which involves encouraging the wider community to voluntarily document cultural data for the benefit of cultural preservation and scientific development.