Digital Transformation and Cultural Heritage in the Global South: What could cultural institutions gain from the Open Data movement?

6. November 2020 
20:00 — 21:00  WIB
Host: Medhavi Gandhi, The Heritage Lab (India)
Guests: Cristiana Serejo, Vice Director of the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Lisistrata Lusandiana, Director of the Indonesian Visual Art Archive (Indonesia)
Dr. Njoki Ngumi, The Nest Collective (Kenya)

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The discussion will focus on cultural institutions and the chances they have when opening their archives. The panelists will follow the question: Why it is so important especially for cultural institutions to make their archives accessible and participate in processes of sharing and collective creation?
Medhavi Gandhi is the founder of The Heritage Lab and has been working at the intersection of public engagement with cultural heritage, social development, and education since 2009. She has worked with a wide range of Indian organizations as well as those in Australia, the US and Europe. She is a strong advocate of open-access to digital cultural heritage, has been part of steering global campaigns in India such as MuseumWeek, and she serves as the ambassador for Art+Feminism in South Asia.
Lisistrata Lusandiana has been the Executive Director of IVAA (Indonesian Visual Arts Archive) since 2018. She was the Head of the IVAA Program in 2016 and the Director of the Archives Festival in 2017. She was involved as a researcher and assistant curator in the 2015 Biennale Jogja “Hacking Conflict” and was the coordinator of the Biennale Forum, Biennale Jogja “Age of Hope” in 2017. In addition, she writes for cultural arts magazines, is the editor of Mata Jendela magazine, and is involved in several exhibitions as well as art and research projects. She graduated with a Masters in Religious and Cultural Sciences from Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta with a thesis on Backpacker Ethnography, a critical study of community mobility and cosmopolitanism. She is currently developing programs related to decolonization and a culture of documentation.
Dr. Njoki Ngumi
is an artist, writer and feminist thinker who has held positions in private and public health care sectors in Kenya. As a Nest founding member, she has been co-writer, screenwriter and script supervisor for all the Nest’s film works, and is currently expanding her filmmaking practice as co-director of The Feminine and The Foreign. Her keen eyes and ears are a critical component of the collective’s post-production process, as well as its strategic and research outputs. In addition, she coordinates the Nest's external collaborative projects, and serves as programs and strategy lead at sister-company HEVA.