Game Development Process: Generating & Validating Ideas

7. November 2020 
13:00 — 14:30  WIB
Moderator: Adam Ardisasmita (AGI)
Guests: Fandry Indrayadi (Agate International), Kris Antoni (Toge Production)
Language: Indonesian (no interpretation)

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How to develop ideas for games? And most importantly, how to decide which ideas to kill and which to keep? Experts from the gaming industry will share how they efficiently develop, validate, and refine their ideas to ensure that they have value and potential to be developed.
Adam Ardisasmita is the CEO of Arsanesia / Arsa Kids, a game company that was founded in 2011. Adam is currently the appointed vice chairman of the Indonesian Game Association and is actively developing game development communities in Indonesia. Adam frequently speaks at gaming events and regularly creates content related to the game industry on his personal blog and YouTube channel. Adam is trusted to be an Intel Innovator, an Intel technology ambassador for the game field.

Fandry Indrayadi is the Creative Director at Agate International. Game designer & generalist with 12+ years of experience in game development. He believes that video games are the ultimate media to convey our messages, and he is always striving to deliver a unique and unexplored experience in gaming.

Kris Antoni is the founder and CEO of Toge Productions, an independent game development and publishing studio based in Tangerang, Indonesia. He has more than 9 years of industry experience and have worked with international game publishers and developers in delivering games to various platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android. Kris is also a game designer, pixel artist, and programmer.