Music Performance

8. November 2020 
20:00 — 20:30  WIB

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Uwalmassa (sonic exploration project) and Edjaan Peralihan (performance group) were initiated by the visual and sound arts label DIVISI62. For Festival Retas Budaya the group will work on the Horison Magazine archives from the 1960s to the 1990s in an effort to summarize the thoughts and anxieties on the journey of Indonesian art and culture.

The performance consists of several compositions based on quotations of poetry, short stories and cultural notes, which are then filtered into the following themes: Existential, Future Orientation, Upheaval and Counter Culture.

The linguistic logic underlying the performance consists of flexible word play in sentence structure. It brings out the textual energy contained in the spirit of an era reproduced in the form of an ensemble of sound, music, and verbal intonation. It also highlights the development of Indonesian literature in terms of writers’ and poets’ efforts to question identity—their individuality as well as their nationality.