Fifth Edition: "Data + Culture"

14 August 2020

Which province has the most temples? What paintings depict woodwind instruments? What song has the longest melody? Which city gave birth to the most music composers? These questions can be answered by using structured, linked and open data collected by Wikidata.

Wikidata allows currently existing information and cultural archives scattered throughout the internet to be connected to each other. What happens if data in one place can complement data in another? That is, what happens if strings of information can “talk” to each other?

This online seminar will introduce Wikidata as a cultural heritage data center. How can structured data play a role in recording cultural heritage? What is the importance of making cultural heritage data into structured, linked and open data? How can a GLAM institution make the most of an open, linked data ecosystem in recording its cultural heritage? Let’s explore data and culture at Retas Budaya online seminar!

Raisha Abdillah - Presentation - 14 August 2020
Dr. Fariz Darari - Presentation - 14 August 2020

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