How do I apply?

Click on this registration link and complete the application form and you will hear from the organising team if your team application was successful.

What are the minimum requirements to participate in Hack Ur Culture?

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must come from Sub Saharan Africa
  • You should be fluent in english as that will be the presentation and written submission language for Hack Ur Culture
  • You should have stable access to the internet as the entire hackathon will be taking place virtually

Is there a deadline for applications?

Deadline for team applications is 10 September 2020 at 23:59

When is the kick off date?

24 September 2020

How long is the hackathon running for?

3 weeks

Is there a minimum or maximum size for the team?

We are looking for teams with 3 to 5 members

Can I register by myself?

Yes, you are more than welcome to register by yourself and we will help you find other team members who have also registered by themselves.

Why should I form a team?

We believe in “each one teach one”.This is an opportunity for the creative and cultural industry to come together and learn from each other while contributing to solving key problems faced by GLAM institutions. This is an opportunity for young professionals to take up space by building the solutions they want to see in the world

What if I have never participated in a hackathon?

This should be your first!

What are the prizes?

The winning team earns a spot to participate in the Coding Da Vinci hackathon taking place in Germany in 2021 (April or August, depending on International travel restrictions).Additionally, there will be supporting awards for impressive projects that will receive exciting cash/product prizes to be announced in the coming weeks.The winning teams will have their projects featured at the 2020 Fak'ugesi Festival’s Virtual African Heritage & Technology Exhibition

Is there a physical gathering taking place?

No, this is a completely virtual hackathon. All elements from the kick off to prize giving ceremony will be done virtually.

Who are the participating GLAM institutions?

African German phrasebook, Book Dash, City of Joburg: Library and Information services,The District 6 Museum,The Gay and Lesbian Archive, The Heva fund, The Human Sciences Research Council, Iziko Museums, The Nest Collective, The South African History Archive, Wits Art Museum, WikimediaZA (More may still join)

Who will be the mentors for Hack Ur Culture?

A call for mentors will go out in the coming weeks

What digital platforms will be used to facilitate the virtual hackathon?

Zoom for all webinars and video conferencing. Discord to host the Hack Ur Culture community

Who will be the judges for the hackathon?

The judging panel will be made up of representatives from the different GLAM institutions together with subject, technology and business experts.

How will the winners of the hackathon be decided?

Judges will be using a scorecard to assess the different projects. Key criteria to be assessed is: Impact, Desirability, Feasibility, Viability, Team

Will I be able to sell/commercialise my projects after the hackathon?

As hackathon participants will be engaging with different GLAM data that is held under different licences, teams will NOT be able to commercialise their projects. However GLAM institutions may approach you directly to discuss furthering the project.

What creative commons licence scheme will be used to govern the hackathon

BY-CC-NC-SA This may change as we are still receiving different data sets from different GLAM institutions. We will provide updates closer to the kick off date.

Where can I learn more about creative commons licences?

Please take a look over here

Can I use the project in my career portfolio?

Yes, provided you use the correct attribution

What public events will be held by Hack Ur Culture?

There will be panel discussions and guest lectures available for the public to attend over the duration of Hack Ur Culture.

I work for one of the 13 participating GLAM institutions, am I still allowed to participate in Hack Ur Culture?

Yes, you can still participate however you cannot use your organisation's data in the development of any of your solutions.