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Changing Love

How concepts of sexuality and partnership change from generation to generation

Close-up of people from behind who are embracing each other, lettering love all over the place © TAU
17. June
17:20-18:15 CEST
The magical phenomenon that radically changes everything and stops at nothing: love! It continues to mystify people, driving them to either bliss or madness. While there are more and more single people living in our global metropolises, the desire for connection and belonging seems stronger than ever. From arranged marriages and romantic couples to same-sex marriages, polyamorous configurations and casual hook-ups: how do our notions of sexuality and partnership differ from those of our parents and grandparents? What patterns can be discerned in the diversity of modern relationships? Are we only ever experiencing new forms of the same old principles, or are traditional relationship models gradually breaking down and losing their significance? Poet and bestselling author JJ Bola (Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined), matchmaker Sima Taparia from the Netflix-Show Indian Matchmaking and ninety-three-year-old German-American sex therapist Ruth Westheimer (Ask Dr. Ruth) discuss these questions and others.

Host: Johanna M. Keller, Goethe-Institut


JJ Bola © Tunde Somoye
Sima Taparia © privat
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