Autonomy Huang Yi & KUKA

Huang Yi & KUKA
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Th/20/June/19:30 - 20:30
Huang Yi & KUKA

Dance performance
  E-Werk, Maschinensaal

As a child, he dreamed of having his own robot, as an adult he asks a robot for a dance. In this prize-winning performance, the Taiwanese choreographer and dancer Huang Yi combines the science of technological precision with the art of dance. His dancing partner is KUKA, an industrial robot that Huang Yi chose for its fluid design and human-like motions and programmed him accordingly. The poetic interaction of human being and machine that drives Huang Yi’s artistic work opens space for emotional and aesthetic reflections. The dancing couple is accompanied by the dancer Lin Jou-Wen and the actor and choreographer Hu Chien.

Huang Yi, Hu Chien, Lin Jou-Wen, KUKA
Creative + Production Team:
Concept & Choreography Huang Yi
Movement Huang Yi, Hu Chien & Lin Jou-Wen
Costume Hu Chien & Lin Jou-Wen
Lighting Design Huang Yi
Technical Director Hao-Ting Cheng
Technical Assistant Yuan-Hao Li & Sih-Wei Luo
Tour Manager Po-Yi Lee

HUANG YI & KUKA is a production of Huang Yi Studio+, developed at 3LD Art & Technology Center in collaboration with Sozo Artists, commissioned by Quanta Arts Foundation. The performance in Weimar is made possible by the support of Goethe-Institut Taipei and the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan).

National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan) Pre-registration is required for this event (at Weimarhalle or at the Infodesk on the E-Werk). Tickets are limited and will be handed out in the order of registration.