Autonomy DATAFICTION | I think I saw her blink

Julia Steinigeweg - I think I saw her blink
© Julia Steinigeweg

/18-30/June/12:00 - 19:00

Exhibition | Free admission

Opening: 18 June, 19:00 (in German)
Tour and reading by Julia von Lucadou: 20 June, 16:15 (in English and German)
Both events in the presence of the artists

Galerie Eigenheim



Lotte Meret Effinger & Marco Buetikofer - Datafiction © © Lotte Meret Effinger | Marco Buetikofer


For Kultursymposium Weimar, the artist duo Marco Buetikofer and Lotte Meret Effinger have developed the installation Datafiction, which reflects the influence of technologies, such as surveillance systems, on everyday practices and modes of social behavior and reveals the fictional potential of collected data. In the framework of a computer game, the visitors can control the media elements of a narrative (video, audio, text, animation), allowing for a physical, haptic, and visual experience and a play with their own physical presence within a projected digital space. The artist duo Buetikoper and Effinger work across and between the disciplines; their collaborations include video productions, installations, and performances. Their artistic practice focuses on the analysis of digital technologies, their economic dynamics and their impacts on society. In the encounter between mechanical and biological life, the artists explore the limits separating the digital and the physical environment.

Datafiction has been made possible as part of the artist in residence program, Goethe-Institut Beijing. The exhibition in Weimar is made possible with the support of Goethe-Institut Beijing.



Julia Steinigeweg - I think I saw her blink © © Julia Steinigeweg


In her series of photographs I think I saw her blink the artist Julia Steinigeweg explores the future impossibility of distinguishing between reality and simulated reality and researching forms of artificial intelligence. Her photographs focus on dystopian stagings of locations, people, moments and the city state of Singapore, which only reveal their fictionality on second glance: the wooden snake, the LED lights, or the hyper-realistic robot copy of its creator Nadia Magnenat- Thalmann are masterpieces of deception. The photographs are complemented by selections from a conversation about photography. This conversation was held by the artist with an app that imitates the speech behavior of its conversational partner and thus allows the borders between dialogue and monologue, between reality and its simulation to blur.

The production and exhibition of the photo series I think I saw her blink was made possible with the support of Goethe-Institut Singapore. Both works were created especially for Kultursymposium Weimar.