Autonomy The Manifesto of New Insincerity

Most Mechanics Are Crooks
© Most Mechanics Are Crooks

The Manifesto of New Insincerity

Wed/19/June/21:00 - 21:30

Lecture Performance

Language: English with German Translation
Artist: Most Mechanics Are Crooks
Lichthaus Kino 3

The performance “The Manifesto of New Insincerity” is a threefold ode to Xerxes. It indirectly draws it’s mood from the homonymous Manifesto written by Most Mechanics Are Crooks while weaving together four elements: The mythology of western identity VS the “barbarian other” in recent Hollywoodian cinema, Frank Miller’s recent productions of comics on the story of Xerxes, and two contemporaneous manifestos that plead for a “New sincerity” in order to battle “irony” and “moral relativism” purportedly legitimized by postmodernity and exacerbated in the post-truth era. The four mechanics distort today’s pseudo-romantic calls for sincerity and empathy to tell the story of the Oriental queer figure of Xerxes – half a fantasized product of an orientalist gaze, partly lived, partly weaponized by many different narrators.