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Fr/21/June/12:00 - 13:00 Entering Unknown Worlds. Exploring New Narratives through Gaming
Panel discussion

Speaker: Rebecca Davnall, Daniel Benmergui, Christian Huberts
Presented by: Anna Schweiger-Hassert
Language: English/German
Lichthaus Kino 1

In recent decades, computer games have emerged as a new aesthetic medium that breaks new narrative ground. It is not simply that the stories conveyed in games are becoming more complex – so are the means by which they are told. In what are known as walking simulators, entire epics are depicted simply through exploring the surroundings. Indie games experiment with breaking through the fourth wall and involving the players themselves in their story. Can these new narratives and shifts of perspective help us find our bearings in an increasingly complex world? The panel discusses to what extent digital games change the way we tell a story and how digital storytelling influences us.