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Yesterday's Future
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Fr/21/Juni/14:00 - 15:00
Yesterday’s Future. How Previous Generations Imagined Tomorrow’s World

Video-snippet lecture

Speaker: Jürgen Kuttner
Sprache: German with English interpretation
E-Werk, Maschinensaal

What does tomorrow’s world look like? That is a question that we have pondered for generations. Each and every one of us creates his or her own utopia. How much of this turns out to be an audacious dream and what becomes reality? In order to get a little closer to the answer, radio presenter and theatre maker Jürgen Kuttner travels back to the past and introduces us to visions of the future from decades gone by. This will be a wild, fascinating time-travelling trip into days gone by, for Kuttner’s video-snippet lectures are already legendary. For over twenty years now he has been touring Germany with these shows, which are always a sell-out success.