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When States Collect Data. Examples from China, Estonia and India

Th/20/June/11:30 - 13:00 Panel discussion

Speaker: Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Rogier Creemers, Usha Ramanathan
Presented by: Carsten Knop
Language: English with German interpretation
Lichthaus Kino 3

Collecting data is easier than ever nowadays. In addition to commercial web giants, states are increasingly deploying user-generated data for their own purposes. However, comparing the situation in Estonia, China and India shows just how differently these states use the data they generate: whereas the E-Estonia model is conceived to provide services for citizens and business and aims to make Estonia a leaner state, the Chinese social credit system is an example of how a more interventionist state seeks to influence its citizens’ behaviour. These developments are not embraced uncritically everywhere, as India’s Aadhaar system shows. Three experts discuss the differences and similarities in data collection in these three countries from three different perspectives.