Diginomics The future of music and movies

The future of music and movies
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The Future of Music and Movies – Digital Transformation in the Media Industry

Fr/21/June/09:30 - 10:00 Lecture

Speaker: Jutta Emes
Presented by: Inge Kloepfer
Language: German with English translation
Studienzentrum HAAB

No other area of our economy and society has experienced a comparable substantial change due to digitalization as the media sector. Streaming services, smart speaker, AI and augmented reality applications illustrate that this is not only an issue of new technologies, but the latter rather lead to innovative business models on the supply side as well as to an altered user behavior and new expectations on the demand side, as e.g. is demonstrated in a new cultural and societal understanding and renaissance of TV series. The various opportunities and challenges of digital transformation are discussed in the context of the music and the movie industry.