Aftershow Party

Aftershow Party
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Aftershow Party with Steiner & Madlaina | DENA | [dunkelbunt] | MMAC
We/19/June/19:30 - 0:00

Concert, silent disco | Free admission

Music: Steiner & Madlaina, DENA, [dunkelbunt]
Performance: Most Mechanics Are Crooks
E-Werk Gelände

After the official opening of the 2019 Weimar Cultural Symposium, the illuminated DUNDU puppets will guide participants through Weimar city centre to the after-show party on the E-Werk grounds with an itinerant performance. All our guests can look forward to an exclusive concert there by indie folk-pop duo Steiner & Madlaina and a lecture performance by the Greek artist group Most Mechanics Are Crooks. After that, we shall wrap up the first evening with DJ sets from DENA and [dunkelbunt] in silent disco format.