Diginomics The Circle

The Circle
© Candy Welz

Th/20/June/19:30 - 21:30
The Circle

An opera by Ludger Vollmer based on the novel by Dave Eggers (Libretto: Tina Hartmann)

Conducted by: Kirill Karabits
Director: Andrea Moses
Language: German with English and German subtitles
Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

In his bestseller “The Circle”, Dave Eggers created a dystopic vision of a future in which an overly powerful Internet company gradually demolishes individual privacy – replacing it with an utterly transparent, self-regulating society. Mae Holland has been hired for one of the coveted jobs in the firm. Bursting with enthusiasm for the opportunities within reach, she rapidly carves out her career and becomes a poster girl for the company's principles: “Secrets are lies. Sharing is healing. Everything private is theft.” But at what price...

Ludger Vollmer has created gripping musical theatre from this material, sparking reflection on the dark sides of technological progress and the Internet's achievements and addressing to what extent each of us is prepared to surrender to these forces.

“The opera heightens the intensity of social developments in the digital age, such as total surveillance and pressure for optimization, until they lead to catastrophes. ... For all its societal critique, the opera definitely has moments of comedy too.” (dpa, 05.05.2019)

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Pre-registration is required for this event (at Weimarhalle or at the Infodesk on the E-Werk). Tickets are limited and will be handed out in the order of registration.