Orientation The End of Truth?

Fake News
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The End of Truth? Facts, Fiction and Fake News
Fr/21/June/12:00 - 13:00

Panel discussion

Speakers: Olga Yurkova, Lina Attalah, Timothy Snyder
Presented by: Johanna Keller
Language: English with German interpretation
E-Werk, Maschinensaal

Recent years have seen traditional media losing much trust and impact. A generally valid narrative no longer seems to exist; everyone lives in their own bubble of filtered and at times manipulated messages. What effects does this development have on social discourse? How can real fake news be recognized? How can the spread of false information be constrained and confidence in the media restored? Lina Attalah advocates freedom of information in Egypt, yet has suffered from a state blockade as a journalist because her online newspaper allegedly spreads fake news and supports terrorism. As co-founder of the StopFake.org platform, Olga Yurkova uncovers fake news and fights against its dissemination both in her homeland Ukraine and internationally. American historian Timothy Snyder deals with authoritarian regimes in his most recent book, “The Road to Unfreedom” and explains how individual protagonists influence global politics and elections by targeted distribution of fake news.