Orientation Democracy, Populism and Manipulation

Democracy, Populism and Manipulation
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Democracy, Populism and Manipulation
Fr/21/June/11:30 - 12:00


Speaker: Timothy Snyder
Presented by: Johanna Keller
Language: English with German interpretation
E-Werk, Maschinensaal

Equality or oligarchy, individualism or unfreedom, truth or fake news – the world as we knew it is at a crossroads. The West has contributed considerably to this state of affairs. However, it also faces powerful enemies who seek to undermine its institutions by all possible means, from financing of right-wing populism in Europe to cyber warfare. In his lecture, renowned historian, totalitarianism researcher, expert on Eastern Europe and bestselling author Timothy Snyder (“The Way to Unfreedom”) describes who these adversaries are, the strategies they adopt, and shares his views on how much of a threat this poses.