Future Lab

Future Lab
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Future Lab
Th/20/June/16:15 - 17:45

Open discussion format

Speakers: Kevin Place, Toby Walsh, Denise Hearn, Sarah Chen, Lorena Jaume-Palasí, Olga Yurkova, Anna Szilágyi, Assaf Gavron
Presented by: Johanna Keller, Katja Kessing, Sonja Griegoschewski, Jana Binder, Ben Bergner
Language: English
Bauhaus Universität, Oberlichtsaal

The Future Lab offers Kultursymposium Weimar participants an opportunity to engage in direct discussions with numerous speakers and experts, to get burning questions off their chest and to present their own position. In eight short, intensive 30-minute discussion rounds, the Kultursymposium’s topics will be explored in greater depth and with a broader angle that includes new perspectives. After the first half of the Future Lab, participants will have the option of switching to a new table with a different thematic focus.