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Here you can find useful information on your stay in Weimar during the Kultursymposium.

Accomodations for Kultursymposium Weimar

Weimar offers a well-rounded set of accommodations, such as hotels, youth hostels or apartments. In addition to the following suggestions, we recommend researching other alternatives via the common platforms. We advise you to book your accomondation as soon as possible, as many events will take place in Weimar in June 2019.

B&B Hotel Weimar (3*)

Prices per night: 
Single room 49,00 €   
Double room 59,00 €   
Room prices plus breakfast 7,00€

Contact: weimar@hotelbb.comRießnerstraße 23, 99427 Weimar
Tel.: +49 3643 415 138 0

A&O Hostel Weimar

Prices per night:
Single room 56,70 €
Double room 66,60 €

Room prices plus breakfast 7,00€

Contact:booking@aohostels.comButtelstedter Str. 27c, 99427 Weimar
Tel.: +49 30 80947 5110