Artists in the Global South The Chance of the Continent

The artist Ndidi Dike on the opportunities Africa offers.
The artist Ndidi Dike on the opportunities Africa offers. | Photo (detail): © Oleg Stepanov

“Not everything good must necessarily come from the West”: The artist Ndidi Dike on the opportunities offered by the African continent – and why we should deal more closely with production conditions.

What are the challenges facing artists in the global South who want to showcase their work on stages, in galleries and fairs in the West? And can artists participate actively in the politics of their country and change things?
Ndidi Dike was born and raised in London, then studied in Nigeria and is now one of the most successful artists in the country. She wants to show that one doesn't necessarily have to live in the USA or Europe to be successful: Africa offers its artists numerous opportunities for further development – and thus also the chance to work outside the continent.

Interview with Ndidi Dike during the conference "Echoes of the South Atlantic" 2019 in Berlin:

In her artistic production, Ndidi deals primarily with the African present. Through various projects, she draws attention to inequalities in global trade and conducts research, for example, on vanilla production in Madagascar.
Although Ndidi's work addresses current problems, it is also clear to her that artists can express their opinions and contribute to political, economic and social discourses. But the power to act lies with the state and the politicians. Nevertheless, it is important for Ndidi to use her projects to persuade people to rethink – in Africa and beyond.

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