Equality in the Global Economy Interrogate Globalisation

Felwine Sarr
Felwine Sarr | Photo (detail): Thilo Rückeis TSP © picture alliance
Globalization promotes world trade - but whether all players benefit equally from it in the end is another question.

The Senegalese economist Felwine Sarr says: The African population is not equally integrated in world economic trade. In order to adequately deal with the concept of globalization, we should interrogate it.

Interview with Felwine Sarr during the conference "Echoes of the South Atlantic" 2019 in Berlin:

What role can Africa play in the globalized economy? And how can the continent remain true to itself and at the same time reinvent itself?Orienting itself towards Western models cannot be the solution for Africa. Rather, "individual modernity" is needed to create a utopia - as Felwine Sarr describes in his book Afrotopia: The approach should be to reflect on one's own values and resources - while at the same time taking into account the demands of modernity.

The interview as audio:
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