Egometer German Colonial History

From the second half of the 20th century and well into the 1960s, many colonies in Asia and Africa attained political autonomy from their colonizers. In many ways, colonialism is by no means over and its legacy manifests itself in various aspects of our lives today. For a long time, there has been debate on the impact of colonialism and postcolonial power relations. The discourse is by no means over and more questions, demands and proposals on how to dismantle unfavourable relations between the global North and the global South continue to arise. Germany, like many former colonial powers, is also dealing with its colonial past in different contexts.

By Ron Kellermann

The Egometer is a playful quiz that helps users determine their attitude towards or their level of knowledge on a specific topic by considering various (extreme) positions. At the same time, the evaluation enables a comparison between the user’s own position or knowledge level and those of Egometer users from other countries. Naturally, the Egometer does not claim to be representative beyond the purposes of this quiz. In order to work out people’s positions clearly – and playfully –, all possible answers are deliberately narrowly framed and lacking in nuance.