The online magazine Latitude

Latitude – Performance by artist Jelili Atiku 2018 at the exhibition “Ex Africa” in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Performance by artist Jelili Atiku 2018 at the exhibition “Ex Africa” in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Photo (detail): Dario Oliveira © picture alliance/ZUMA Press

With the global online magazine “Latitude”, the Goethe-Institut invites people from around the world to share their views on colonial power relations, their consequences and how to overcome them. The magazine discusses issues such as de-colonisation, preservation of indigenous cultures, the role of museums, restitution and dealing with cultural heritage in interviews, essays and a range of other formats. 

Global exchange on postcolonial issues is essential for coming to terms with colonial power relations, critically examining the postcolonial world order and the role of museums and their implications. Only with this exchange can a basis be created for pressing ahead with decolonisation, which goes hand in hand with overcoming power relations, reflecting on restitution and coming to terms with cultural heritage. The online magazine Latitude was launched in September 2019 and pools a wide-ranging discussion of this theme in formats such as interviews, opinion pieces, essays and projects in collaboration with experts from the fields of science, culture and the arts. New focal points are regularly set for these discourses. Authors such as Cidinha da Silva and Philipp Khabo Koepsell contribute essays on “Black literature” and its positioning in the global literary scene.

The term “latitude”

“Latitude” refers to the cartographic concept of a demarcation line in relation to the equator, which is also accompanied by a distinction between southern and northern parallels. By means of this division, the term indicates associatively the inequality with respect to power relations: the imposition of the systematic power of many countries of the global North over the regions of the South. For a more positive interpretation, our online magazine suggests linking the term “latitude” to the concept of freedom, outside the static division between North and South. By contrast, the aim is to promote a global and “free” exchange that enables an equal relationship among all actors. The online magazine Latitude is such a space for respectful sharing - cultural, political, economic and aesthetic.