Opening Opening talk

Opening Talk © EL BOUM
Opening talk with Michelle Müntefering (Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Berlin), Johannes Ebert (Secretary General, Goethe-Institut, Munich), Nanjira Sambuli (political scientist and digital strategist, Nairobi), Souleymane Bachir Diagne (philosopher, New York City), Nikita Dhawan (political scientist, Berlin), Prasanna Oommen (moderator, Cologne)

The Latitude festival opens with a conversation that brings together three positions which explore coloniality in dominant thought structures, infrastructures, and institutional orders in our societies from their own perspectives. The political scientist and digital strategist Nanjira Sambuli advocates globally for equal access to the digital world, especially for women. The philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne rethinks the history of ideas from an inclusive global perspective by highlighting the interconnections of Islamic, African, and European traditions. The political scientist Nikita Dhawan reflects on categories such as justice and injustice in the context of alternative narratives that have been displaced from classical historiography and illustrates the future potential of postcolonial and queer-feminist theories.
The festival’s opening focuses on unequal global relations and puts the colonial traces that still shape our present into stark relief. At the same time, it opens up spaces for reflection and action which resonate with the subsequent program topics.
In English, simultaneously translated into German.