Panel Re-imagining the Internet: Roadmaps to Digital Equality

Re-imagining the Internet: Roadmaps to Digital Equality © EL BOUM
Panel with Nanjira Sambuli (political scientist, Nairobi), Renata Ávila Pinto (lawyer and activist, Guatemala City), Esra'a Al Shafei (activist, Bahrain), Mi You (curator and lecturer, Cologne)

The digital revolution is exacerbating social and economic inequality because it’s mainly the affluent regions and people of the world that benefit from it. Existing inequalities have been made even more evident by the coronavirus crisis. How can the digital revolution be made fair? What do the visions of the Global South of the internet of the future look like? Using digital innovations to help disadvantaged people ranks alongside freedom of opinion, net neutrality, monitoring and commerce – and just as importantly the question of how the internet can be used to promote transnational dialogue.
Kenyan researcher and digital strategist Nanjira Sambuli discusses these issues with internet experts from the Global South.

In English, simultaneously translated into German.