Panel Alternative Possibilities Towards Self-reliance

Alternative Possibilities Towards Self-reliance © thirdspace
Panel with João Roxo (designer and visual strategist, Maputo), Russel Hlongwane (cultural producer and consultant, Durban), James Shikwati (economist, Nairobi), moderator: Molemo Moiloa (artist and curator, Johannesburg)

The project The hands that feed you, presented by the creative tandem thirdspace, consisting of João Roxo and Russel Hlongwane, thematises the trade in second hand clothing and highlights how these neutral products are political tools that perpetuate economic disparity between Africa and Europe. The duo will be in conversation with the Kenyan economist, James Shikwati. Molemo Moiloa moderates the panel.
Thirdspace is interested in mapping global dependency systems and how these affect Africa, whilst also taking account of strategic responses from the continent to this global order. Using the methods of “the speculative” and design, the duo herewith presents their five-minute-long experimental documentary followed by an extended reading emerging from a yearlong enquiry in the area of design, dependency and disruption.

In English.