Panel Resisting Extractivism

Resisting Extractivism © EL BOUM
Panel with Lotte Arndt (cultural theorist, Paris), Rachel O'Reilly (artist and curator, Berlin/Brisbane), Sammy Baloji (artist, Brussels/Lubumbashi), Elena Agudio (curator, Berlin)

Global capitalism is fueled by fossil energies. They are often extracted for the economic benefit of transnational companies collaborating with national governments, to the detriment of local populations as the panel will show. The asymmetrical structures of world-economy have been built on colonial foundations, and continuously present the frame in which the availability of strategic raw materials is assured by impoverishing and oppressing the inhabitants of the land.
Moderated by Lotte Arndt, the panel brings together artists who develop in their respective contexts esthetic strategies to resist extractivism. Rachel O’Reilly will comment on her documentary film Infractions (2019) which is based on years of research and interviews addressing present day and future unconventional gas extraction in Australia. Sammy Baloji will speak about his work focusing on the ongoing aftermath of colonial mining in the region of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, that he is developing for more than a decade and a half. In the second part, the curator Elena Agudio will join the conversation to expand the reflection on the asymmetrical appropriation structures of the art field itself.

In English.